Pouncey: Riley Cooper is “a good friend”

The Miami Dolphins training camp has entered the dog days of summer.  Other than a few injuries, which are mostly minor, and an offensive line that has looked like swiss cheese, the Dolphins have mostly stayed out of the media.  That is, of course, except for Mike Pouncey.  Pouncey hasn’t gotten into any real trouble.  However, he is yet to apologize for wearing a ‘Free Hernandez’ hat.  This was a bad decision by Mike and I have no idea why he hasn’t issued an apology for it.  His brother Maurkice already has, but Mike has not, probably at the direction of the Dolphins.

Photo Courtesy of Dolphins.com

Photo Courtesy of Dolphins.com

On Thursday, Pouncey made news again, this time for supporting his ex-teammate from the University of Florida, Riley Cooper.  Cooper was caught on a camera phone at a concert using a racial slur……Actually, if you haven’t heard what Riley said or seen the video, click here.  We don’t want to promote the video and quite frankly, we believe Riley Cooper is an idiot.  Anyway, Pouncey told FoxSportsFlorida.com:

“I think Riley is a great guy,”…..”I think obviously he made a mistake. I just feel bad for him because he’s a good friend.”  Pouncey went on to say that he hasn’t spoken with Cooper yet: “When the time’s right, I will,” Pouncey said. “But right now I know he’s going through a tough time and I just hope for nothing but the best for him.”  

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