Pursuit of Wallace MUST end with him signing with Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins have not-so-subtly leaked their top priority for free agency next week.  They intend to go after Mike Wallace very aggressively.  That aggressive approach will become public knowledge on Saturday morning at midnight.  March 9th is the first day that the Dolphins can legally speak with Wallace’s representatives.  However, they can’t speak with Wallace himself until Tuesday at 4pm according to the new NFL rules.  Now, we’re all not naive enough to think that discussions have not already happened at some point.  BUT, we’ll probably get a bit more news once Saturday gets here.  My worry is that since the Dolphins have let news leak out that they are targeting Mike Wallace, they could be set up for a repeat of previous years.

Photo Courtesy of Jeffrey Beal via Wikipedia

Photo Courtesy of Jeffrey Beal via Wikipedia

If you are a Dolphins fan, and why wouldn’t you be if you’re reading this post, you’ve seen this movie before:

Scene 1: A big name coach or player becomes available

Scene 2: The Dolphins let it be known that they want to sign the big name coach or player

Scene 3: The Dolphins take a Miguel Cabrera sized swing at the coach or player

Scene 4: The Dolphins miss on the coach or player

Scene 5: An already dejected fan base is forced to think about what could have been and return to their 7-9 or 6-10 season reality

The pursuit of Wallace is currently in Scene 2, but Scene 3 begins on Saturday.  Since players can’t sign contracts until March 12th (next Tuesday), and since Wallace is the big WR prize in free agency, I expect Scene 4 to take place then.  Based on their history, you can bet that Scene 5 is scheduled to begin shortly thereafter.  IT’S GROUNDHOG DAY!!!!!!!!!  (cont’d on page 2, click here) 

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