Report: Dolphins are not as high on Lane Johnson as once suspected

Yesterday, Jeff Ireland spoke about the Dolphins offensive line and said that Nate Garner was one of their ‘core guys’.  The Dolphins aren’t admitting that they have a glaring need at offensive tackle…..but everyone knows it.  The Dolphins will address either the left tackle or the right tackle position, early in the draft…they have to.  That is, of course, unless they manage to pry Brandon Albert away from the Chiefs for a pick that’s lower than the 2nd rounder they’re said to be asking for him.  But most likely, the Dolphins will need to find a starting tackle in the draft.

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Earlier this week, the word on the street (and according to the Palm Beach Post) was that the Dolphins were ‘high’ on Lane Johnson.  Johnson is one of the top 3 let tackle prospects in this draft.  It was believed that to get Johnson, the Dolphins would need to trade up, since he is expected to go within the top 10 picks (and the Dolphins currently sit at #12).

Well, in the NFL offseason filled with rumors and smokescreens, things change pretty quickly.  In Armando Salguero’s blog for the Miami Herald, he essentially disputes the Palm Beach Post’s claim that the Dolphins are very high on Johnson.  Here is the quote from his post, which can be found here:

“But the Fins like Joekel and Fisher much, much, much more than Johnson and have some concerns about Johnson as a left tackle.”

Of course the Miami Dolphins beat reporters are getting different stories.  What better way for the Dolphins master plan to unfold than by telling beat reporters different things!  What an evil genius!!!  Seriously though, based on the track record for ‘sources’ this offseason, I might have to give the benefit of the doubt to good old Mando.  Mando has been scooping the others this offseason, with Ben Volin of the Post coming in second.  Mando seems to have well placed sources, so if I had to bet, I’d guess that he might have the insight on this one….but who knows at this time of year.

I’m not a huge fan of the Dolphins trading up in the draft for a left tackle.  However, if they do not trust Jonathan Martin (I don’t think they do), then they must acquire a starting left tackle before the 2013 season starts.  The options at this moment are: signing free agent Bryant McKinnie, a trade for Brandon Albert, or drafting a left tackle.   According to the latest buzz, if they do decide to trade up and draft a tackle, it will likely be for Luke Joekel or Eric Fisher, not Lane Johnson, as most of us suspected.

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