Report: Dolphins haven’t talked about Albert trade with Chiefs in 5 days

The ongoing saga regarding the Dolphins search for a starting left tackle continued into draft week.  Rumors have been flying about a trade that would bring Branden Albert to Miami for a few weeks now.  Earlier today, we learned that the talks between the two teams have stalled because of Albert’s contract demands.

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Now, we’ve learned from that, as of Sunday, the Dolphins haven’t talked to the Chiefs in 5 days.  We also saw an unconfirmed rumor on Twitter that the Chargers might be entering the mix.  The Chargers are looking for offensive line help to protect their franchise QB, Phillip Rivers.  And Albert would essentially do the same thing for the Chargers that it would for the Dolphins.  Trading for Albert would alleviate the Chargers from needing to spend an early draft pick on a left tackle.

At this time, it’s hard to know what to believe.  However, it might be true that the Chiefs haven’t heard from the Dolphins recently about Albert.  In fact, the Dolphins could just be speaking directly with Albert’s agent, trying to negotiate a deal.  Perhaps the Dolphins and Chiefs have already agreed on compensation for a trade (maybe a 2nd or 3rd rounder)?  We simply don’t know.

As we mentioned earlier, there is a bit of a time limit to these negotiations.  The Chiefs are expected to draft a left tackle on Thursday night and Albert has clearly said he doesn’t want to move to right tackle.  Albert has a guaranteed $9.8 million deal for 2013, but wants a long term contract to give him the security of more guaranteed dollars.  The Dolphins are operating with urgency, because their starting tackles at this point are Jonathan Martin, who struggled in 2013 and Nate Garner.

Usually deadlines spur activity.  I would expect resolution on this by sometime within the next 48 hours.  Remember, if the Dolphins are going to trade for Albert, he will need to take and pass a physical administered by the Dolphins doctors.  That means any trade would have to be made before the NFL draft, allowing Albert time to pass his physical.  Thankfully, we should know soon if this Albert trade is going to go down or not.  We’ll keep you posted when there is further news.

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