Ross interviewing Giddings for Ireland’s GM position?

Are the Miami Dolphins secretly looking for a new general manager?  This could go down as a Twitter hoax, but this afternoon Twitter was set ablaze by the following tweet:


There is a large portion of the fan base that thinks Jeff Ireland should be fired as the Dolphins GM for a number of reasons that we won’t get into right now.  The source of the tweet is a little known NFL insider/bettor, so take the rumor for what it’s worth.  It’s hard to imagine that someone would make this up.  But who knows!  Right now, it appears it was just a meeting between Stephen Ross and Michael Giddings Jr.  Jeff Ireland is still the Dolphins General Manager.

If you’re wondering who Mike Giddings Jr. is……so are we.  We tried to do some digging on Giddings, but came up with very little.  Seriously, try googling him.  From what we know, he has been used by many NFL teams as a scouting consultant.  We’ll keep you posted if any more news develops on this story…..

[UPDATE 2:00pm] According to the Miami Herald’s Adam Beasley, who spoke with Giddings Jr. on Thursday, Giddings Jr. has not spoken with the Dolphins about their General Manager position.  Giddings Jr. confirmed that he consulted with the Dolphins from 1977 until about 6 years ago (when the Trifecta showed up) and would love to do so again.  He would not comment when asked if he had spoken to the Dolphins recently about consulting again.