Ryan Tannehill reaches out to Chad Pennington for advice

Dolphins fans, welcome to the dog days of summer.  Now that the Heat have repeated as NBA champions and the NHL season is over, the only team South Florida has left to root for is the Marlins….Anyway, there is absolutely no Dolphins news to write about because the team is essentially on vacation from now until July 20th when training camp opens.  Wait a minute….did I just write that training camp opens in 19 days?  Football season is right around the corner my friends!

photo courtesy of Dolphins.com

photo courtesy of Dolphins.com

As you are probably aware, PhinNation.com has been relatively quiet for the last month or so.  This is mainly because there hasn’t been a lot going on….Unless you want us to write about the criminals on the Patriots or Mark Sanchez making an ass (literally) out of himself at a party.

Today, I checked out the Miami Herald to see if there was anything going on.  I came across a story that explained how Ryan Tannehill recently went to Chad Pennington’s home in Kentucky, to meet with the former Dolphins QB.  Pennington, you will remember, was a special QB consultant at one of the Dolphins mini camp practices earlier this offseason.  It appears he and Tannehill hit it off pretty well.  During his trip to visit Pennington, Tannehill received advice on everything from leadership to how to deal with the media.

Pennington told Barry Jackson:  ““I gave him a few handouts that I found in my notes concerning leadership, favorite quotes, etc. that I thought may be useful.” They talked for awhile about “teamwork, media interaction” and more, then “went to the horse races at Keeneland.””

I don’t know about you, but I love how active Tannehill has been this offseason.  He welcomed Mike Wallace to the team by taking him out to dinner the night he signed his free agent deal with the Dolphins.  Tannehill has also been organizing a number of throwing sessions with his receivers (Wallace, Hartline, Keller, etc).  It’s clear that he knows what needs to be done.  Ultimately, Tannehill needs to produce on the football field.  But, from everything we’ve heard and read, it seems that he is taking his leadership role seriously.  He’s not saying the things that leaders say, he’s doing what leaders do.  Reaching out to Chad Pennington is just the latest example of that.
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