Ryan Tannehill’s improvement for Dolphins, a non-statistical view

Hi Dolphins fans, my name is Julian (Miami Jules) and I am the newest writer to PhinNation. You’ve probably seen my comments (there are many) on a number of different posts.  Earlier today, PhinNation posted an in-depth look at how Ryan Tannehill has improved from 2012 to 2013 in statistics alone.  Here are my thoughts on Ryan Tannehill: A non-statistical view

Photo Courtesy of Dolphins.com

Photo Courtesy of Dolphins.com

I was never a fan of Tannehill on tape, and since I never followed Texas A&M, I had nothing but the highlight reel to make my picks. I was a fan of Russell Wilson despite his height and of Brandon Weeden despite his age.

The first regular season game last year was a disaster for the rookie QB, but some time during the season, I saw things in him that I liked. It was mainly what appeared to be Tannehill’s determination to improve at the position, judging by the way he headed straight for the QB coach to study  photos, after a drive would stall.  A certain maturity and seriousness about the game, which was different from our previous QB (Henne), and steady improvement throughout his first year in the pro’s.

There were a lot of questions about how Tannehill would perform in his 2nd year, and whether or not he would show the leadership skills and decisiveness needed to succeed at the position. Training camp opened in July, and I was fortunate to be there for several of the open-to-the-public work outs. Concerns about his progression continued as the team looked out of sync and confused at times, and then they held the scrimmage at Dolphins’ Stadium.

It was clear by then, Tannehill’s accuracy had improved tremendously, did not seem to telegraph his moves which kept the very able Dolphins’ defense off balance, managing to move the offense up and down the field, and making the best of the new receivers as a certain air of confidence seemed to be setting in.

Three weeks into the season, the young QB has out played Brandon Weeden, Andrew Luck and Matt Ryan. Still, one can readily perceive, this kid is still learning and hasn’t reached the next level, but what is most encouraging is, that the”next level” is by no means his ceiling. Ryan Tannehill’s upside is scary when one considers how he has improved in his INT to TD ratio over these first 3 weeks.

Additionally, one of his better, yet least used skills, is his ability and accuracy when on the move.  He also has the ability to run with the ball as well as any of the much talked about mobile QB’s out there. I will not be surprised if in a year or two  Ryan Tannehill is talked about in the same sentence as the great ones of the game. I personally think it’s just a matter of when. (fade to black)

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