Sorgi to work out for Dolphins, Ireland to blame too, plus an early look at the Draft

Miami Dolphins QB Search

You could say that the Miami Dolphins are being very thorough in their search for a veteran QB to replace Chad Henne.  They apparently hit a new low today, as they are expected to workout Jim Sorgi.  This morning, on Mike and Mike in the morning, Mortenson said that he had just found out that the Dolphins will be working out Jim Sorgi today…..Jim Freaking Sorgi (his full name).   This comes after the Dolphins tried (and failed) to agree to a contract with David Gerrard.  They also reached out to Jake Delhomme, Trent Edwards, and Brodie Croyle.  That is a ‘whos who’ of quarterback nothingness.

We also learned this morning from John Clayton of ESPN that Sage Rosenfels could be another option.  Seriously, are the Dolphins messing with us?  We told you yesterday about the fans push to ‘Suck for Luck’, but we didn’t think the team would be trying so blatantly!  The Dolphins have no wasted 3 practice days, during a bye week, where they could have brought in a veteran QB and gotten him caught up to speed.  The Dolphins are scraping the bottom of the QB barrel…and seem to have busted through the barrel and are now looking in the dirt below the barrel.

Ireland shouldn’t get off easy

I read an interesting article yesterday in the Miami Herald, that suggests that Stephen Ross has quite a bit of faith in Jeff Ireland as a talent evaluator.  Ireland has apparently gotten as close to the Dolphins Owner as possible, in hopes that he can survive the inevitable offseason of firings.  In the article it says that Ireland endorsed keeping Sparano as coach of the Dolphins.  We can assume that the longer Sparano stays coach, the less heat that will be placed on Ireland.  After all, if Sparano is sent packing after the Jets game, who then will the Dolphins fans choose to take their anger out on?  Exactly, Ireland.  In 4 seasons as GM (3 with Parcells playing puppet master), Ireland has rebuilt the Dolphins roster from a team that went 1-15 in 2007 to a team that has gone 14-22 since 2008.  I don’t know about you, but I’m optimistic.

In my opinion, Ireland is even more to blame for the Dolphins issues than Sparano. Yes, Sparano should be able to get more out of a reasonably talented team.  However, Ireland has missed on draft picks and free agents more than he’s hit.  He’s been tinkering with the offensive line for 4 years and this is probably the worst line the Dolphins have had since I can remember.  Ireland is to blame here too.  When Ross looks back at the end of the season, he should put blame where it’s rightfully deserved.  If he’s going to fire Sparano, Jeff Ireland should go right along with him.  To attract the type of coach the Dolphins will be looking at, they’ll need to have a full house cleaning of the front office.

Never too early to look at the Draft

Yes, it’s only week 5 of the NFL season, but it’s never too early to start looking at college players.  After all, the Dolphins are 0-4 right now, so we’re not exactly talking playoffs.  Our friends over at write a weekly post called “Saturdays to Sundays”, looking at college players that could be Miami Dolphins next year.  Today, they write about Dwayne Allen, tight end from Clemson.  This kid is a freak of nature and would look great in Aqua and Orange next year!

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