Suck for Luck Weekly Preview for the Miami Dolphins & their “Rivals”

For Andrew Luck and Suck for Luck fans, the Miami Dolphins did not disappoint on Sunday.  However, the Dolphins did put a scare into the Suck for Luck faithful.  The Dolphins dominated the Broncos for most of the game and were in control with 5 minutes remaining, up 15-0.  then the Tebow crap magic started and the Dolphins ultimately lost 18-15.  The Dolphins were embarrassed as they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.  After the game, Suck for Luck fans danced in the streets, celebrating the biggest loss of the year, which essentially eliminated the Broncos from the race.  Before we get to the weekly Suck for Luck Weekly Preview, take a second and listen to the below song, you won’t regret it!

Indianapolis Colts (0-7)

Right now, the Colts are the front-runners in the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes.  They have an extra loss already lined up and they were just beaten like a rented mule by the Saints 62-7…wait, does that score sound familiar Dolphins fans?  I digress….

A lot of people have asked me who would get the 1st overall pick if 2 teams went 0-16 (say the Dolphins and the Colts)…Well, it comes down to strength of schedule.  Whomever got to 0-16 (theoretically) and had an easier schedule, would get the top pick.  Right now, the Dolphins have the edgue, but the Colts schedule eases up quite a bit as the season moves on.  Things will change between now and then so it’s tough to even speculate.  However, I expect the Colts to win at least a couple of games before all is said and done.  This week the Colts head to Tennessee to take on the Titans (3-3).  This is one of those games that I think the Colts have a chance of winning.

Miami Dolphins (0-6)

The Dolphins almost dealt themselves a death blow by coming so close to beating the Broncos.  The Dolphins took out their gun, lined up a Tebow gator in their cross hairs, turned the gun and shot themselves directly in the foot.  Reggie Bush said it best, this team DOES stink.  The thing is, we’ve known this for weeks.  Coming off of a bye week, playing the Jets (who aren’t that good), and putting up 6 points?  Then, the Dolphins allow Tebow to get all biblical at the end of the 4th quarter?  The Dolphins know how to lose and if they continue to do so, they will be rewarded.

This week the Dolphins head back to New Jersey to take on the Giants (4-2).  The Giants are rested and coming off a bye and should have no trouble beating the Dolphins.   In case you missed it, I’ll be at the game Sunday and plan on wearing my custom Dolphins jersey and a different brown paper bag in each quarter.  I’m looking for creative sayings to write on the bags, so please feel free to leave comments.  We’ll run a poll later this week to narrow it down to the final 4 and we’ll give credit to the creative geniuses!

St. Louis Rams (0-6)

Yes, the Rams are on pace with the Dolphins and Colts, but they are about to get their own Franchise QB back (Bradford).  They also play in a terrible division, so winning a few games shouldn’t be that hard.  Last week, the Rams were smoked by Dallas 34-7.  This week, the Rams host the Saints (5-2), who just put up a 62 spot on the Colts.  I don’t think this game is anywhere near a blowout if Bradford plays.  Even so, I don’t think the Rams get off the winless bus this week.

Minnesota Vikings (1-6)

Give the Vikings credit, they made the switch to Christian Ponder the week they were set to play the World Champion Green Bay Packers.  Ponder wasn’t great, but he was certainly better than Donovan McNabb.  The Vikings lost 33-27, but showed some fight (unlike the Dolphins).  This week, the Vikings head to Carolina to take on the Panthers (2-5).  It’s not inconceivable for the Vikings to win this game.

Arizona Cardinals (1-5)

The Cards spent a ton of money to bring in Kevin Kolb.  Think they’re happy with his play thus far?  Last week they hosted the Steelers and were whacked 32-20 in a game that didn’t seem that close.  This week, the Cardinals head to Baltimore (4-2) to take on the Ravens, who looked terrible last night against Jacksonville.  The Cards play in a weak division and shouldn’t have a problem getting another couple wins this season.

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