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Dolphins sign 2 draft picks to deals, Tannehill’s coming soon?

The Miami Dolphins aren’t in a rush to sign their 9 draft picks from the class of 2012.  While some teams have already signed their entire draft class, the Dolphins are taking their time.  Thus far, the Dolphins have signed 2 draft picks, Kheeston Randall (DT, 7th round) and BJ Cunningham (WR, 6th round).  The Dolphins aren’t in a rush because, honestly, they don’t have to be.  Because of the new CBA rules, the draft picks are slotted and their contracts are relatively simple to negotiate.  Each pick in the draft has a slotted salary based on where they were drafted.

One holdup, as the Miami Herald mentions here, will be with Josh Kaddu.  A rookie can’t take his physical until his classes are finished for the semester.  Kaddu, for example, will not be eligible to take his physical until mid-June….which means he can’t officially sign his contract until then.  The new CBA rules for rookie contracts will mean that every rookie should be in training camp on time.  No more holding out or prolonged negotiations with rookies.  This is good for the young men and for the teams because it means the rookies will get an entire offseason of work.

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