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Dolphins Gameplan: Attack! Attack! Attack!

For 2 weeks, the Miami Dolphins have been thinking about nothing but improving their record to 4-3.  In fact, the Dolphins have been thinking about getting revenge on the Jets since they lost to them in overtime a month ago in Miami. This week, the emotions of this game spilled into the press as both sides took shots at the other. The Jets started the verbal barbs and it appears that Mike Pouncey finished it.  Now, we move on and await the rematch of these two teams that clearly do not like one another.

With a win, the Dolphins will improve to 4-3 and even their division record at 1-1.  With a little help from the Rams in London against the Patriots, the Dolphins could even find themselves in first place on Monday morning.  A win would also send the loudmouth Jets into their bye week with a record of 3-5, 2-2 in the division.  A win would essentially put another nail in the Jets season.  If the Dolphins lose, they’ll fall to 3-4 overall, 0-2 in the division and will fall behind the Jets in the division.  So even though it’s still October, this is a very important game for both teams.  Here’s what the Dolphins need to do to win:

Play with Fire

According to Omar Kelly, the Dolphins are still pissed about the Jets purposely aiming for Davone Bess’ knee in the season finale last season.  Bess was knocked out of the game and suffered a partially torn ACL/MCL.  Add that anger to the Dolphins losing to the Jets in overtime a month ago AND all of the trash talking from this week, and you have one pissed off Dolphins team.  The Dolphins must take that aggression onto the football field on Sunday.  The Dolphins must stay in control and use their anger effectively.  We don’t need to see Richie Incognito getting flagged again for unnecessary roughness.  The Dolphins much keep their emotions under control, while playing with fire through the whistle.

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War of Words continues as Mike Pouncey fires back for Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins and New York Jets do not like each other.  Yesterday, we heard from S LaRoid Landry and LB Aaron Maybin.  Landry focused his trash talking on Reggie Bush mostly, saying that Reggie will run differently for the Dolphins on Sunday because he remembers the hit that injured his knee back in September.  Landry went on to say that even if he’s penalized, it won’t stop him from headhunting.  He finished by saying that the Jets would beat the Dolphins on Sunday and improve to 4-4 entering their bye week.

Linebacker Aaron Maybin couldn’t help himself, as he too had to say something about Reggie Bush.  He said that the Jets want to ‘knock him out’, but do so legally.  Great team you have up there Rex.  I see you have everything under control.  I’m interested to see if Roger Goodell has anything to say about ‘headhunting’ and wanting to ‘knock him out’.

Most of the Dolphins took the high road when the media asked them about Landry’s and Maybin’s comments.  Jorvorskie Lane said “You trying to hurt somebody, now it’s personal.”  Most of the Dolphins (Reggie Bush, Sean Smith & others) said that they would wait to do their talking on the field Sunday.  It was almost as if, I don’t know, THEIR COACH told them not to take the bait from the Jets.  Imagine that, a coach that has control of his team. (cont’d on page 2, click below)

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AFC East is up for grabs, Dolphins begin Jets week (take 2)

The Miami Dolphins kicked up their feet and watched the craziness that is the AFC East, unravel a bit on Sunday.  The Dolphins were on their bye week and the new CBA says that the team had to have 4 consecutive days without practice.  That stretch for the Dolphins went from Thursday through Sunday.  So the Dolphins had plenty of time Sunday to sit back and watch the madness of the AFC East from a fans perspective.  Entering Sunday, all 4 teams were tied with 3-3 records. Only the Dolphins would end the weekend with that record.

First, the Bills and Titans played a game that saw very little defense.  Titans and Bills exchanged punches, with the Bills eventually jumping out to a 34-28 lead in the 4th quarter.  Their defense would allow the Titans to score a touchdown on 4th down to take a 35-34 lead in the game’s final minutes.  The Titans would hold on to win, dropping the Bills to 3-4.

Then, we watched a crazy game between the Jets and Patriots.  The Patriots led 23-13 at one point in the 4th quarter, only to blow that lead and allow the Jets to tie the game.  After a fumble on the kickoff directly following the tying field goal, the Jets actually took a 26-23 lead.  Tom Brady, of course, lead the Patriots down the field for the tying field goal to force overtime.  In overtime, the Patriots kicked a field goal on the opening possession and the Mark Sanchez fumbled the game away.  Literally, a game ending fumble.  So this morning the Patriots sit atop the AFC East at 4-3, while the Dolphins are in second at 3-3, with the Bills and Jets tied for last at 3-4.

What Sunday showed was that the AFC is relatively even. The Jets went to Foxboro, without Darrelle Revis and Santonio Holmes and gave the Patriots all they could handle.  The Bills were one defensive stop away from being 4-3.  Immediately after the Jets game ended, Dolphins left guard, Richie Incognito tweeted “It’s officially Jets Week #TurnUp”.  That’s right Richie, it is Jets week.  And this week’s game is big for the Dolphins…..very big.  (cont’d on page 2, click below)

Pitiful Picks: Dolphins may be resting, but not us!

On Sunday, the Miami Dolphins players will be enjoying their last official day before their bye week fun comes to an end.  The Dolphins players have been off since Wednesday afternoon and have been making the most of their much deserved time away from football.  Reggie Bush and Sean Smith headed back home to California. Anthony Fasano was on the sidelines of the Notre Dame game yesterday. Hopefully when all of the Dolphins players return, they’re healthy and focused on winning football games.

For us here at PhinNation, there are no bye weeks,especially for our Pitiful Picks.  Last week we went 2-2, making us 12-9 on the season so far.  this week, we’ll pick 4 games as usgh (Les Brown vocab), but won’t have a Dolphins game to pick.  Instead, we’ll pick the 2 other games featuring AFC East contenders.  Here we go:

Green Bay Packers -5 over St. Louis Rams

I don’t think anyone thought the Packers would be 3-3 right now. Let’s face it, they could be 5-1 if not for a crazy comeback by the Colts and the most controversial replacement refs call of all time against the Seahawks.  The Packers got their groove back last week, crushing the previously unbeaten Texans, in Houston. Aaron Rodgers threw for 5 touchdowns and the Packers looked like the Packers. After watching the Rams up close last week against the Dolphins, I don’t think they are in the same league. Yes, their defense looked good, but their offense is not going to keep pace with the Pack.  Packers 27 Rams 17  (cont’d on page 2, click below)

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Dolphins Division: What will the AFC East look like after this weekend?

The Miami Dolphins are currently tied with 3 other teams for first (and last) place in the AFC East.  It’s amazing(ly mediocre) that all 4 AFC East teams are tied at 3-3.  According to most experts, the Patriots are still the odds on favorites to win the AFC East, but their early struggles in close games have kept the door open for the Dolphins, Jets, and Bills.  In reality, if any of those 3 teams can get their act together, the AFC is wide open so a wild card could come out of the AFC East.  Entering week 7 only 2 teams have a better record than 3-3 (Ravens and Texans are 5-1).  Every team except for the Ravens and Texans is a 3-3 or worse.

New England Patriots (3-3 overall, 1-0 division)

The Patriots were in Seattle on Sunday and had a 13 point lead on the Seahawks in the 4th quarter.  The Patriots were well on their way to a 4-2 record and sole possession of 1st place in the AFC East.  Then, the Patriots secondary decided to give up a ton of yards and 14 points to a 5’11” rookie quarterback.  The Patriots lost by 1 point.  They’ve now lost 3 games by a TOTAL of 4 points.  This week, the Patriots will probably take out their anger on the Jets, as they welcome into Foxboro.  I think the Pats will put a hurting on the Jets on Sunday, moving them to 4-3 and most likely all alone in 1st place.

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Tannehill has his best day yet, Dolphins move into tie for 1st place

The Miami Dolphins never came out and said that this was a rebuilding year.  However, after the Dolphins drafted Ryan Tannehill with the #8 pick in the draft and decided to start him, most wrote off the Dolphins 2012 season to a rebuilding year.  The Dolphins front office also made moves that were geared more towards the future than for the present.  The Dolphins traded away Brandon Marshall for 2- 3rd round picks and then Vontae Davis for a 2nd rounder.  The front office was building the team around young players and fans thought they could only look towards the future.

While all of this was going on, the Dolphins continued to say that they were re-tooling, not rebuilding.  The Dolphins players, to their credit, have played hard under coach Joe Philbin.  The Dolphins players are out to win football games and many are not signed through 2013, so they have to make the most out of this season.  Players like Sean Smith, Reggie Bush, Randy Starks, and Jake Long are playing out the last year of their contract, so they all hope to have impressive 2012 seasons.

On Sunday, the Dolphins did something that many people didn’t think was possible; They moved into a tie for 1st place in the AFC East with their 17-14 win over the Rams.  Yes, it’s only week 6. And yes, after next week the Dolphins will be knocked out of first place (The Jets play the Patriots, so one will improve to 4-3).  However, Dolphins fans have to be happy with what they are seeing out of their team. Many will even point out that if Dan Carpenter hits a couple of kicks in weeks 3 and 4, the Dolphins could be 5-1. He didn’t, so they’re not.  BUT, they are playing better football than they were at the beginning of the season and they seem to be learning how to finish games.

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Pitiful Picks: Can the Dolphins get to .500 before the bye week?

The Miami Dolphins are looking to keep pace with the field in the AFC today, before they head into the bye week.  Like the Dolphins, we want to keep pace with the imaginary field in Pitiful Picks.  Last week we went 2-2, giving us an overall record on the season of 10-7.  The Dolphins need to be consistent and so do we.  We’ve had 4-0 weeks and we’v had 0-4 weeks.  Hopefully both the Dolphins and PhinNation can put together a solid effort this week!

New York Jets -3 over Indianapolis Colts

I really, really, really hate picking the Jets, but I think the line is too low and the Jets will give a good effort with their season on the line today.  The Jets have lost 2 straight and their season could spiral out of control with a loss at home to the Colts. Mark Sanchez answers more questions each week about Tim Tebow and I think he’ll give a good effort today.  The Colts are coming off of a very emotional win on Sunday at home against the Packers.  So call this a bit of a let down game.  Add to this that the Colts are pretty banged up, injury-wise, and I think the Jets take this game by more than the 3 points.  Jets 24  Colts 17

Arizona Cardinals -4 over Buffalo Bills

Staying in the AFC East, but this time we’re picking against a division rival.  The Cardinals are not THAT good, but at home, I think they’ll be able to put up some points on the Bills.  I know, Arizona’s offensive line is terrible, but so is the Bills defense.  The Bills traveled to San Francisco last week and lost by 40 points.  They have to travel all the way across the country again to play a solid opponent.  I don’t necessarily think this is a blow out, but I think the Cardinals cover the 4 points.  Cardinals 30 Bills 24  (cont’d on page 2, click below)

Dolphins Division: 1 game separates 1st and last place in AFC East

The Miami Dolphins were all alone in the AFC East basement last Sunday with a record of 1-3.  The Dolphins entered Sunday 1 game behind the Jets, Bills, and Patriots (2-2) for first place in the AFC East.  After Sunday and Monday’s games, the Dolphins have some company in the basement….which also happens to be 2nd place.  The Dolphins victory, combined with the Jets and Bills losses, moved them into a 3 way tie for 2nd place in the AFC East, 1 game behind the Patriots.  This week, the Dolphins will hope to even their record at 3-3 and begin to put distance between themselves and the Jets/Bills, while keeping pace with the Patriots.

New England Patriots (3-2 overall, 1-0 division)

The Patriots made it look easy on Sunday against Peyton Manning and the Broncos.  The Patriots ran the ball as well as they threw it, which is scary.  The Patriots offense is hitting on all cylinders and their defense is playing good enough to win.  This week, the Patriots head to Seattle to play the Seahawks (3-2).  The Seahawks have surprised some people and could pull off an upset this weekend.  The Patriots are traveling across the country and will be playing in a stadium where the Seahawks have a very good, loud 12th man (the crowd).  If you think of this matchup as Tom Brady versus Russell Wilson, you’d have to give the Patriots the advantage.  But I wouldn’t completely discount the Seahawks in this game.  If the Seahawks could find a way to win, combined with a Dolphins win over the Rams, the Dolphins would own a share of first place.

New York Jets (2-3 overall, 2-0 division)

The Jets didn’t embarrass themselves on Monday Night Football like many of us had hoped.  They did lose to the Texans, but they weren’t run out of Met Life Stadium.  The Jets now sit at 2-3 and are missing their best wide receiver (Holmes) and best defensive player (Revis).  The Jets offense looks the way you’d think a Tony Sparano/Mark Sanchez offense would look: terribly ineffective.  It’s only a matter of time before Tim Tebow takes over. With every game that Mark Sanchez can’t eclipse 50% completions, the crowd chanting for Tebow will only get louder.  Rex Ryan will be forced to make a change sooner rather than later.

This week, the Jets head to Indianapolis to take on the ‘better than we thought’ Colts (2-2).  The Colts are coming off of their emotional win over the Green Bay Packers.  I’m sure the Colts and their fans will again be charged up for this game.  Last week, the Colts learned that their head coach, Chuck Pagano, was diagnosed with Leukemia.  I think the nation was rooting for them last week, to get a win for their coach.  If they can keep riding that wave of emotion, playing for their coach, they could send the Jets to a 2-4 record.  (cont’d on page 2, click below)

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Dolphins Division: Breaking down the logjam in the AFC East

The Miami Dolphins are only 1 game out of the AFC East lead after 4 weeks of play.  Despite their shabby 1-3 record, the Dolphins trail the Jets, Bills, and Patriots by only 1 game, which is surprising.  Also surprising, is that the Dolphins could be the second best team in the division, even though they have the worst record in the division and have already been beaten by the Jets.  The Bills defense has not lived up to it’s offseason hype and the Jets offense works as well as Dan Carpenter’s right leg.  Anyway, here we go with the Week 4 edition of the Dolphins Division Recap:

New England Patriots (2-2, overall, 1-0 division)

The Patriots fell behind against the Bills and then decided they had seen enough.  They blasted the Bills in the second half, finishing the game with 52 points.  Still think  Mario Williams was worth all that money, Bills fans?  The Patriots defense is still a work in progress, but their offense was clicking on all cylinders against the Bills.  The Patriots would be 3-1 if their kicker had hit the game winner against the Cardinals in week 2.  This week, the Patriots host Peyton Manning and the Broncos (2-2), who put up 37 points last week.  Many think the Patriots will roll in this game, but I’m sure Peyton will try to put his best effort forward against Mr. Brady.

New York Jets (2-2 overall, 2-0 division)

The Jets have a nice shiny record, which is all that really matters in the NFL.  However, they’ve lost their best defensive player and best offensive weapon in back to back weeks.  The Jets also have one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL who is leading a feeble offensive unit that just got worse.  As you can tell, the Jets had a rough week.  There were crushed by the 49ers at home last week 34-0.  This week, they welcome in the Houston Texans (4-0) on Monday Night Football.  Good luck Rexy and Fist Pumper!  Maybe it’s time to dust ole’ Tebow off and let him give it a shot.  I would be shocked if the Jets don’t fall to 2-3 after this week and fade in the AFC East race, very quickly.  I see them having a 6-10 or 7-9 season at best.  (cont’d on page 2, click below)

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Dolphins Gameplan: Run Reggie Run is key versus Jets

The Miami Dolphins welcome their hated AFC East rival to Sun Life Stadium on Sunday.  The Dolphins are coming off of an impressive win against the Raiders last week and hope to continue to build on that good play.  The  Dolphins showed improvement on both offense and defense from week 1 to week 2.  To beat the Jets this week, they’ll need to play turnover free football and run the ball as effectively as they did against the Raiders.  Here is a look at what the Dolphins must to on Sunday to improve to 2-1:

Run Reggie Run

Last week, the Dolphins rushed for 263 yards and averaged 6.1 yards per carry.  The Dolphins got a superb effort from Reggie Bush, who rushed for 172 yards and 2 TDs.  To beat the Jets, the Dolphins will need to run the ball just as effectively as they did against the Raiders.  Entering this game, the Dolphins have the #2 rushing offense in the entire NFL.  The Jets rush defense is vulnerable, as it ranks #21 in the NFL, allowing 130.5 yards per game and 4.8 yards per carry.  The Jets know their rush defense has struggled, so I expect them to play 8 men in the box, leaving Antonio Cromartie and Darrelle Revis in man coverage on the Dolphins receivers.

The Jets will want to shut down the Dolphins running game at all costs and force the Dolphins into obvious passing situations.  If the Jets get the Dolphins in those 3rd and long situations, they’ll unleash their exotic blitz packages to confuse Ryan Tannehill.  To counter the 8 in the box looks, the Dolphins could look to use multiple wide receiver sets to spread out the Jets defense and allow Reggie Bush to into space.  It will be interesting to watch the chess match between Joe Philbin’s offense and Rex Ryan’s defense.

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