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Dolphins are favorites ‘right now’ for Manning, in Schefter’s opinion

Peyton Manning as QB of the Miami Dolphins?  It might not be as crazy as we once thought.  In fact, in Adam Schefter’s opinion, the Miami Dolphins are the favorites to land Peyton Manning.  Keep in mind, this is Schefter’s opinion and he is not reporting that the Dolphins are definitely going to get Manning.  However, in his ESPN insider article, Schefter is asked where Manning might end up.  In our opinion, guys like Schefter often share their opinions when they are based on something they know or have heard.  Not saying this is absolutely the case, but if you want Peyton Manning on the Dolphins, it’s a good sign that a true insider like Schefter, thinks they have the best shot.

Schefter says that Miami is the favorite right now because they can offer him warm weather and a favorable contract.  He does caution readers by saying that the ‘favorite’ status didn’t work out so well for the Patriots on Sunday.  This is all predicated on the belief that the Colts will decide to cut Peyton before his March 8th roster bonus of $28 mil is due.  Again, once released, Peyton Manning will be a free agent and free to sign with any team that he chooses.

We will keep you posted on Manning’s status, since it seems to change by the day.  If he’s released, it’s going to be a circus.  If you think the LeBron James free agency tour was crazy, just wait until the future Hall of Fame QB is released.

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