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Field Your Fantasy: Week 8 Preview

Miami Dolphins Outlook Week 8 Preview

RB Daniel Thomas – This weeks matchup for the Dolphins favors their running backs as the New York Giants are giving up the 3rd most fantasy points to opposing running backs in the last four weeks. Thomas hasn’t been 100% all year and still is the Dolphins leading rusher. He’s good for 20+ touches a game and going forward should be leaned on as he’s the only running back doing anything on this team. I have Daniel Thomas ranked 15th out of running backs ahead of DeMarco Murray and Jonathan Stewart.

Projection : 21 Attempts – 89 yards – 1 TD

2 Catches – 12 yards

WR Brandon Marshall – Brandon Marshall and Daniel Thomas have been the only fantasy relevant players all year for this team and week 8 is no different. Marshall is still getting a ton of targets with 62 total on the season making him the 6th most targeted receiver in the NFL. The targets are a good sign, but in fantasy we need touchdowns for points and that has been the crutch of Marshall’s tenure in Miami, with only 4 total touchdowns in one and a half seasons. This week if he continues to play the way he did vs Darelle Revis and Champ Bailey, then he should go off against a depleted New York Giants secondary. I’d rank Brandon Marshall as the 13th best wide receiver play this week ahead of guys like DeSean Jackson and Anquan Boldin.

Projection : 8 Catches – 111 yards – 1 TD

My Sleeper Picks for Week 8

QB Matt Cassel – Cassel and the Kansas City Chiefs are at home in prime time Monday night against the San Diego Chargers. The Chiefs receiving corp is really starting to make plays with the likes of Dwayne Bowe and Steve Breaston. They have caught 516 yards and 5 touchdowns from Cassel in the Chiefs last three games. The Chargers defense just gave up 3 touchdown passes from Mark Sanchez so they aren’t playing well right now. The Chiefs will likely be down and he’ll have to sling it for them to have a shot at getting their fourth straight win. I have Matt Cassel ranked as the 13th quarterback play this week.

Projection : 21 for 32 – 240 yard – 3 TD’s / 1 INT

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It’s Official: Sanchez is better than Henne

Phin Nation, you have no idea how hard that title was to type…This post is one that we’ve been putting off for some time because…Well, as we’re writing, the taste of bile is seeping up into our throats.  But, looking at both quarterbacks objectively, it’s time to declare a winner in the Mark Sanchez/Chad Henne debate.  Sanchez is clearly ahead of where Henne is at this point and his New York Jets team is better off at this point with him as their QB than the Miami Dolphins are with Henne.

Before this season started, there was a lot of debate between NY Jets fans and Dolphins fans, between analysts and experts all over.  Well it appears that those who thought Sanchez would be the better pro had it right.  Just as a refresher, here are a few of the stories that were out earlier this year:

1. I guess Dilfer had it right?!  Connolly, stick to being funny on Entourage!

2. Jets fan prospective from Bleacherreport.com

3. PalmBeachPost.com ‘s take

So why is Sanchez the winner thus far?

1. He’s won more games than Henne, period. Sanchez is 20-12 in the regular season, while Henne is 13-14 in games that he has started.  Henne was benched following a 4-4 start in 2010 in favor of Chad Pennington.  Sanchez, meanwhile, has led his team to the playoffs each of his first 2 years.

2. Playoffs?  Playoffs? Sanchez has not only led his team to the playoffs in 2 straight years, but he has a 3-1 record thus far in the playoffs.  He’s gone on the road and beaten the Cincinnati Bengals, Indianapolis Colts, and San Diego Chargers.  His only loss was in the AFC Championship game last year.  Henne hasn’t had a chance to be in the playoffs, in large part to his own play.  Yes, last year the NY Jets were luck to make the playoffs, but they won 2 road games after qualifying.

3. Clutch Player. If you look at their career numbers, they are eerily similar:

Chad Henne – 582-953, 61.1 completion %, 6,246 yards (6.6 avg), 27 TDs, 33 INTs, 75.3 QB Rating

Mark Sanchez – 474-871, 54.1 completion %, 5,735 yards (6.6 avg), 29 TDs, 33 INTs, 70.2 QB Rating

However, when you actually watch both quarterbacks play, you can see a difference.  In the most clutch time of a game, the fourth quarter, Sanchez is more likely to lead his team down the field for a score, while Henne will more likely throw a costly INT.  Honestly, which one would you rather have leading your team in the 2 minute drill?

Again, this was not an easy post to write, but to be fair, Sanchez looks like he’s going to be the better pro.  He’ll be the New York Jets quarterback for years to come.  Chad Henne?  He will be lucky if he’s the backup for the Dolphins next year, as he has clearly fallen out of favor with the coaching staff.