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Field Your Fantasy: Week 8 Preview

Miami Dolphins Outlook Week 8 Preview

RB Daniel Thomas – This weeks matchup for the Dolphins favors their running backs as the New York Giants are giving up the 3rd most fantasy points to opposing running backs in the last four weeks. Thomas hasn’t been 100% all year and still is the Dolphins leading rusher. He’s good for 20+ touches a game and going forward should be leaned on as he’s the only running back doing anything on this team. I have Daniel Thomas ranked 15th out of running backs ahead of DeMarco Murray and Jonathan Stewart.

Projection : 21 Attempts – 89 yards – 1 TD

2 Catches – 12 yards

WR Brandon Marshall – Brandon Marshall and Daniel Thomas have been the only fantasy relevant players all year for this team and week 8 is no different. Marshall is still getting a ton of targets with 62 total on the season making him the 6th most targeted receiver in the NFL. The targets are a good sign, but in fantasy we need touchdowns for points and that has been the crutch of Marshall’s tenure in Miami, with only 4 total touchdowns in one and a half seasons. This week if he continues to play the way he did vs Darelle Revis and Champ Bailey, then he should go off against a depleted New York Giants secondary. I’d rank Brandon Marshall as the 13th best wide receiver play this week ahead of guys like DeSean Jackson and Anquan Boldin.

Projection : 8 Catches – 111 yards – 1 TD

My Sleeper Picks for Week 8

QB Matt Cassel - Cassel and the Kansas City Chiefs are at home in prime time Monday night against the San Diego Chargers. The Chiefs receiving corp is really starting to make plays with the likes of Dwayne Bowe and Steve Breaston. They have caught 516 yards and 5 touchdowns from Cassel in the Chiefs last three games. The Chargers defense just gave up 3 touchdown passes from Mark Sanchez so they aren’t playing well right now. The Chiefs will likely be down and he’ll have to sling it for them to have a shot at getting their fourth straight win. I have Matt Cassel ranked as the 13th quarterback play this week.

Projection : 21 for 32 – 240 yard – 3 TD’s / 1 INT

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Week 7 Preview: Denver Broncos @ Miami Dolphins – Tebow-A-Thon

This Sunday’s 1pm matchup between the Denver Broncos (1-4) and Miami Dolphins (0-5) will be the biggest game for the Miami Dolphins all year.  Because cause it might be there best chance at winning a game this season? No.  Because a loss might spell the end to Tony Sparano’s tenure as the Miami Dolphins’ head coach? No. Then why is it the biggest game for the Miami Dolphins?  Three syllables: Tim Tebow.

What to Watch For:

Broncos’ Offense vs. Dolphin Defense:

The Denver Bronco’s offense trots into Miami being near the bottom of the barrel when it comes to offense. They are ranked 22th in rushing and 27th in passing. This has led the Broncos to finally succumb to the fan’s cries (and billboards) to let Tebow play.  How great did that play out for the Dolphin owners?  To setup, what I’m calling, “Gator Day” and have Tebow make his first start.  I wonder how many high-fives went around the office when the announcement of Tebow starting was delivered.  I feel that you have to throw out the Broncos’ previous offensive performances with this change of QB.  I like the variables that Tebow adds to this offense, with extending plays and running.  A bad team can benefit from this type of QB and the Dolphins do have trouble stopping running QBs (Sanchez TD last week).  He might have to do this with his best WR, Brandon Lloyd, being traded to the Rams this week.  Then again, this Dolphins D has not pressured a soul all year.  This Dolphin D and the supporting crowd should provide Timmy a chance to get off on the right foot.

As previously mentioned, the Broncos run game is nothing special as Knowshon Moreno and Willis McGahee have struggled.  In their last game, week 5 against the Chargers, McGahee received all of the Broncos’ RB carries (16 for 125 yards).  That performance compiled with the addition of Tebow’s rushes and their bye week leads me to believe their rush game will improve.  Although, the Dolphins are coming off a good, at least for us, defensive performance against the Jets.  On Monday, the Dolphins held the Jets to under 300 total yards and only 104 total rushing yards.  Is this the return of the strong Miami Dolphins D or the struggles of a weak Jet offense?  I’m not sure, but I would bet on the ladder of the two.

Dolphin Offense vs. Broncos’ Defense:

The Bronco defense enters with numbers just as bad as their offense.  They are rated 22nd against the pass and 23rd against the run.  This should be good news for the Dolphins, but there have been reports that Reggie Bush and Brandon Marshall have been limited in practice.  I’m not sure, no matter how bad the defense, this offense will do anything.  I was at the game this past Monday and it was hard to watch (it didn’t help having all the Jets fans there).  Thomas had a poor game, but I have to credit that to the garbage play calling.  They are so predictable, once a play works once, they think they can run it over-and-over again.  The phins have no chance in the redzone and should just consider kneeling down three time and kick the FG.  Matt Moore was bad, as expected.  Marshall DID have a good game (6rec for 109 yards), but then fades in the redzone.  O yeah, WTF was he doing on the play he ran out-of-bounds?!  I almost lost my mind in the stands.  I could not believe what I witnessed.  I can’t talk about them anymore.  The Broncos D is bad, SHOULD be a chance for the Dolphin offense to score, but they probably won’t.

Two Minute Drill:

Dolphins’ Key to the GameFill the Stadium. Let’s be honest, the only thing the organization cares about this week is filling the seats.  So a win for the Dolphins came with having no blackout of the game this weekend.  Want an actual key to the game?  Score a TD.

Broncos’ Key to the GameFeed the Tebow.  Broncos need to use the great atmosphere for Tebow’s benefit.  Get him going with some high percentage passes and give him the option to run.  Establish confidence, then build off of it.

Dolphins’ Player to WatchUmm? Karlos Dansby.  Not because I think he’s going to break out, but see if he can quite those Suck for Luckers.  SPOILER ALERT: He won’t

Broncos’ Player to WatchLeft Guard Zane Beadles.  You buy that?  Didn’t think so.  Obviously it’s Tebow.  I think he plays well (not great).  Throws for a buck-eighty a Td and runs for one.

How it plays out:  Same old, same old.  This game could be a horrid game to watch with two bad teams going at it.  Both teams struggle to do much of anything, but the Bronco’s bye week, “Gator Day,” and the Tebow boost the Broncos to make a few big plays against this Dolphin D.

Prediction24-16 Broncos.  I can’t believe I’m saying the Dolphins will score 16 points, but I feel the poor Bronco defense will allow them an opportunity to at least put on TD on the board, by accident.  Regardless, this game is a toss-up and one of the Dolphins very few opportunities to win.

As  always, PhinsUp!                                                                                                                                                                                 -John

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Week 6 Preview: Miami Dolphins at New York Jets – The Perfect Storm?

This Monday night will feature two bitter rivals when our Miami Dolphins (0-4) head to Miami North, I mean the New Meadowlands, to face-off with the New York Jets (2-3).  Both of which, have questions to answer about how the rest of their season will go.  For the Dolphins, we know all about possibly “Suck[ing] for Luck,” but for the Jets, if they want to keep up with the Pats and have a shot at the playoffs, need to start winning.  With the Jets reeling, the Dolphins rested, and Sparano’s track record in New Jersey, could this be a perfect storm brewing for the Dolphins to pickup that first W?

What to Watch For:

Jets’ Offense vs. Dolphin Defense:

The Jets’ have had rough go at things the past three weeks; going 0-3 against the Raiders, Ravens, and Pats.  In those loses, the Jets’ offense has been particularly terrible.  In their game against the Ravens, the Jet offense had 4 turnovers with 2 taken back for TDs.  Against the Pats last week, the Jets eliminated the turnovers, but could only put up 166 passing yards against a defense that Chad Henne put up 416 yardson.  This weeks’ matchup should give the Jets’ passing game a chance to get back on track.  It appears that Vontae Davis will be back for the Dolphins, but does that make any difference?  The Dolphin secondary and defense, as a whole, better have taken their off week to get things figured out or Sanchez may put up big numbers.

The Jets usually pride themselves on their running game, but currently rank 31st in overall rushing.  The Jets’ leading rusher only has 240 yards and 2 TDs (Jets only have 3 total rushing TDs) on 72 carries.  By no means do the Jets go up against a strong run (or any other part) defense, but it’s going to be interesting to see what strategy the Jets use on Monday.  With the Dolphins’ 31st pass defense, passing might the obvious choice, but it may be smart to get the run going to open up their pass game and prevent Sanchez from making mistakes.  I just hope the defense is rested and geared up for this one.  This Jets’ offense should not be the factor that wins a game, but against our D, it might.

Dolphin Offense vs. Jets’ Defense:

A Strong, hard-hitting defense is also what the Jets rely on to have success.  Granted they have faced off against 3 good teams the past few weeks, but their D has struggled somewhat.  What is more surprising is, they are struggling against the run rather than the pass; then again they do have Revis and Cromartie.  Last week, they held Tom Brady to 321 yards, 1 TD, and forced an INT.  [Side Note: How scary is it that 321 yards and 1 TD is holding Brady].  Their 5th ranked pass defense spells bad news for the Matt Moore led offense that figures to lose Brandon Marshall by the 2nd quarter; at least according to him.  I understand that getting tossed might inspire your teammates, but wouldn’t catching 20 balls and 3 TDs have a better effect?  Maybe he’s just onboard with “Suck for Luck.”  Regardless, Marshall needs to show up with his new “Monster” persona for the Dolphins passing game to survive.  If he does get tossed, who gets to visit Revis island?

The biggest blessing of the bye week might be that Daniel Thomas had an opportunity to get healthy.  If you have read my previous posts, you would know that I’m high on this kid. It’s only been two games, but I just like the way he looks when he has the ball.  Going against the 26th ranked rush defense, this week could be a good opportunity for Thomas to add another solid performance to his young career.  Though, I foresee the Jets trying to get back to the basics and, with little to worry about in Matt Moore, this means stopping the run.  I still think Thomas has a solid 80+ yard game, if he is healthy.

Two Minute Drill:

Dolphins’ Key to the Game: Get them off the Mark.  Sanchez is very turnover prone.  Already, Mark has 5 INTs and 3 fumbles (only one lost).  If the Dolphins can get Sanchez to make mistakes, then the game may be within the Dolphins’ grasp.  But that would require the defense to play good, so yeah, good luck.

Jets’ Key to the Game: Back to the Basics.  The Jets’ are reeling on the field and in the locker room.  They aren’t playing as a team or acting like one.  Super Bowl, Rex? Beat a team with a winning record first.  With that said, the Dolphins provide the Jets a great opportunity to get back to doing the small things right.  Stop the run, run the ball, take care of the ball, and get the win.

Dolphins’ Player to Watch: Brandon Marshall.  Not for how well he will do during the game, but whatever shenanigans he’s going to pull.  I honestly tried to think of a player that I thought would have a good game, but came up with nothing.  So, let’s just watch Marshall and see if he backs up his comments.

Jets’ Player to Watch: Dustin Keller.  The Jets’ TE leads the team in receiving with 19 catches on 33 targets for 268 yards and 2 TDs, but all you really needed to know is that he is a TE.

How it plays out:  Under Tony Sparano, the Dolphins have owned the Jets in New Jersey.  He is 3-0 when traveling to the Meadowlands; which might be his only redeeming quality.  Despite how bad the Dolphins are, this game is Jets-Dolphins, in the Meadowlands, in Primetime.  With the Jets struggling, having the Chargers lurking, the Dolphins coming of a bye, and yeah it’s the Jets-Dolphin, I expect this game to be another good game.  Both teams struggle early, exchanging field goals.  The Dolphins’ D remembers it’s the Dolphin D and gives up a big play and the offense can’t fight back.

Prediction: 24-13 Jets.  It’s hard to know how a Jet-Dolphin game will go, let alone how many points will be scored.  Based on these two teams’ offenses, it’s hard to foresee this game being a high scoring shootout.  The Dolphins offense continues to sputter with Moore at QB and the defense is not much better after the bye.

Despite my prediction, I hope I am wrong.  You can read see my feelings about “Suck for Luck” here.  Also, I will be in attendance of the game and will be posting live updates and possibly some images I will take during the game, so make sure you follow me on twitter @PhinNationJohn

As  always, PhinsUp!                                                                                                                                                                                 -John

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It’s Official: Sanchez is better than Henne

Phin Nation, you have no idea how hard that title was to type…This post is one that we’ve been putting off for some time because…Well, as we’re writing, the taste of bile is seeping up into our throats.  But, looking at both quarterbacks objectively, it’s time to declare a winner in the Mark Sanchez/Chad Henne debate.  Sanchez is clearly ahead of where Henne is at this point and his New York Jets team is better off at this point with him as their QB than the Miami Dolphins are with Henne.

Before this season started, there was a lot of debate between NY Jets fans and Dolphins fans, between analysts and experts all over.  Well it appears that those who thought Sanchez would be the better pro had it right.  Just as a refresher, here are a few of the stories that were out earlier this year:

1. I guess Dilfer had it right?!  Connolly, stick to being funny on Entourage!

2. Jets fan prospective from Bleacherreport.com

3. PalmBeachPost.com ‘s take

So why is Sanchez the winner thus far?

1. He’s won more games than Henne, period. Sanchez is 20-12 in the regular season, while Henne is 13-14 in games that he has started.  Henne was benched following a 4-4 start in 2010 in favor of Chad Pennington.  Sanchez, meanwhile, has led his team to the playoffs each of his first 2 years.

2. Playoffs?  Playoffs? Sanchez has not only led his team to the playoffs in 2 straight years, but he has a 3-1 record thus far in the playoffs.  He’s gone on the road and beaten the Cincinnati Bengals, Indianapolis Colts, and San Diego Chargers.  His only loss was in the AFC Championship game last year.  Henne hasn’t had a chance to be in the playoffs, in large part to his own play.  Yes, last year the NY Jets were luck to make the playoffs, but they won 2 road games after qualifying.

3. Clutch Player. If you look at their career numbers, they are eerily similar:

Chad Henne – 582-953, 61.1 completion %, 6,246 yards (6.6 avg), 27 TDs, 33 INTs, 75.3 QB Rating

Mark Sanchez – 474-871, 54.1 completion %, 5,735 yards (6.6 avg), 29 TDs, 33 INTs, 70.2 QB Rating

However, when you actually watch both quarterbacks play, you can see a difference.  In the most clutch time of a game, the fourth quarter, Sanchez is more likely to lead his team down the field for a score, while Henne will more likely throw a costly INT.  Honestly, which one would you rather have leading your team in the 2 minute drill?

Again, this was not an easy post to write, but to be fair, Sanchez looks like he’s going to be the better pro.  He’ll be the New York Jets quarterback for years to come.  Chad Henne?  He will be lucky if he’s the backup for the Dolphins next year, as he has clearly fallen out of favor with the coaching staff.