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Dolphins should just say no to Tebow

I’m sorry Dolphins fans, I tried to avoid writing this post, but it needs to be said.  The Dolphins do not need Tim Tebow on their team.  I’ve seen a number of stories and theories floating around that Tebow would be a good pickup for the Dolphins.  These theories suggest that if Tebow were to switch positions to an H-back type role, then he would make sense for the Dolphins.  He would not only help on the field, but would also help with ticket sales.  I’m here to tell you that both of those statements are wrong, in my opinion.

Photo Courtesy of Clemed via Wikipedia

Photo Courtesy of Clemed via Wikipedia

Let me be honest for a second, I actually like Tim Tebow. I, like many people, have had enough of the circus that follows him wherever he goes including the ridiculous coverage that ESPN gives him.  The guy was very good at Florida and showed some heart in Denver, but let’s face facts, he’s a backup quarterback in the NFL at best (and that is being generous).  I wish Tim the best of luck, but I do not believe he should even be considered by the Dolphins.

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Dolphins Gameplan: Run Reggie Run is key versus Jets

The Miami Dolphins welcome their hated AFC East rival to Sun Life Stadium on Sunday.  The Dolphins are coming off of an impressive win against the Raiders last week and hope to continue to build on that good play.  The  Dolphins showed improvement on both offense and defense from week 1 to week 2.  To beat the Jets this week, they’ll need to play turnover free football and run the ball as effectively as they did against the Raiders.  Here is a look at what the Dolphins must to on Sunday to improve to 2-1:

Run Reggie Run

Last week, the Dolphins rushed for 263 yards and averaged 6.1 yards per carry.  The Dolphins got a superb effort from Reggie Bush, who rushed for 172 yards and 2 TDs.  To beat the Jets, the Dolphins will need to run the ball just as effectively as they did against the Raiders.  Entering this game, the Dolphins have the #2 rushing offense in the entire NFL.  The Jets rush defense is vulnerable, as it ranks #21 in the NFL, allowing 130.5 yards per game and 4.8 yards per carry.  The Jets know their rush defense has struggled, so I expect them to play 8 men in the box, leaving Antonio Cromartie and Darrelle Revis in man coverage on the Dolphins receivers.

The Jets will want to shut down the Dolphins running game at all costs and force the Dolphins into obvious passing situations.  If the Jets get the Dolphins in those 3rd and long situations, they’ll unleash their exotic blitz packages to confuse Ryan Tannehill.  To counter the 8 in the box looks, the Dolphins could look to use multiple wide receiver sets to spread out the Jets defense and allow Reggie Bush to into space.  It will be interesting to watch the chess match between Joe Philbin’s offense and Rex Ryan’s defense.

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Week 7 Preview: Denver Broncos @ Miami Dolphins – Tebow-A-Thon

This Sunday’s 1pm matchup between the Denver Broncos (1-4) and Miami Dolphins (0-5) will be the biggest game for the Miami Dolphins all year.  Because cause it might be there best chance at winning a game this season? No.  Because a loss might spell the end to Tony Sparano’s tenure as the Miami Dolphins’ head coach? No. Then why is it the biggest game for the Miami Dolphins?  Three syllables: Tim Tebow.

What to Watch For:

Broncos’ Offense vs. Dolphin Defense:

The Denver Bronco’s offense trots into Miami being near the bottom of the barrel when it comes to offense. They are ranked 22th in rushing and 27th in passing. This has led the Broncos to finally succumb to the fan’s cries (and billboards) to let Tebow play.  How great did that play out for the Dolphin owners?  To setup, what I’m calling, “Gator Day” and have Tebow make his first start.  I wonder how many high-fives went around the office when the announcement of Tebow starting was delivered.  I feel that you have to throw out the Broncos’ previous offensive performances with this change of QB.  I like the variables that Tebow adds to this offense, with extending plays and running.  A bad team can benefit from this type of QB and the Dolphins do have trouble stopping running QBs (Sanchez TD last week).  He might have to do this with his best WR, Brandon Lloyd, being traded to the Rams this week.  Then again, this Dolphins D has not pressured a soul all year.  This Dolphin D and the supporting crowd should provide Timmy a chance to get off on the right foot.

As previously mentioned, the Broncos run game is nothing special as Knowshon Moreno and Willis McGahee have struggled.  In their last game, week 5 against the Chargers, McGahee received all of the Broncos’ RB carries (16 for 125 yards).  That performance compiled with the addition of Tebow’s rushes and their bye week leads me to believe their rush game will improve.  Although, the Dolphins are coming off a good, at least for us, defensive performance against the Jets.  On Monday, the Dolphins held the Jets to under 300 total yards and only 104 total rushing yards.  Is this the return of the strong Miami Dolphins D or the struggles of a weak Jet offense?  I’m not sure, but I would bet on the ladder of the two.

Dolphin Offense vs. Broncos’ Defense:

The Bronco defense enters with numbers just as bad as their offense.  They are rated 22nd against the pass and 23rd against the run.  This should be good news for the Dolphins, but there have been reports that Reggie Bush and Brandon Marshall have been limited in practice.  I’m not sure, no matter how bad the defense, this offense will do anything.  I was at the game this past Monday and it was hard to watch (it didn’t help having all the Jets fans there).  Thomas had a poor game, but I have to credit that to the garbage play calling.  They are so predictable, once a play works once, they think they can run it over-and-over again.  The phins have no chance in the redzone and should just consider kneeling down three time and kick the FG.  Matt Moore was bad, as expected.  Marshall DID have a good game (6rec for 109 yards), but then fades in the redzone.  O yeah, WTF was he doing on the play he ran out-of-bounds?!  I almost lost my mind in the stands.  I could not believe what I witnessed.  I can’t talk about them anymore.  The Broncos D is bad, SHOULD be a chance for the Dolphin offense to score, but they probably won’t.

Two Minute Drill:

Dolphins’ Key to the GameFill the Stadium. Let’s be honest, the only thing the organization cares about this week is filling the seats.  So a win for the Dolphins came with having no blackout of the game this weekend.  Want an actual key to the game?  Score a TD.

Broncos’ Key to the GameFeed the Tebow.  Broncos need to use the great atmosphere for Tebow’s benefit.  Get him going with some high percentage passes and give him the option to run.  Establish confidence, then build off of it.

Dolphins’ Player to WatchUmm? Karlos Dansby.  Not because I think he’s going to break out, but see if he can quite those Suck for Luckers.  SPOILER ALERT: He won’t

Broncos’ Player to WatchLeft Guard Zane Beadles.  You buy that?  Didn’t think so.  Obviously it’s Tebow.  I think he plays well (not great).  Throws for a buck-eighty a Td and runs for one.

How it plays out:  Same old, same old.  This game could be a horrid game to watch with two bad teams going at it.  Both teams struggle to do much of anything, but the Bronco’s bye week, “Gator Day,” and the Tebow boost the Broncos to make a few big plays against this Dolphin D.

Prediction24-16 Broncos.  I can’t believe I’m saying the Dolphins will score 16 points, but I feel the poor Bronco defense will allow them an opportunity to at least put on TD on the board, by accident.  Regardless, this game is a toss-up and one of the Dolphins very few opportunities to win.

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