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Saban: Dolphins offered Brees a contract first, but he failed his physical

The Miami Dolphins think they might have finally found the franchise quarterback that they’ve been searching for, for almost 13 years.  Ryan Tannehill could be just the quarterback the Dolphins have been looking for all this time.  At least we hope so.  But, yesterday we learned something that we didn’t know about the dark era of Nick Saban in Miami.  Yesterday, during a radio interview, Saban admitted that the Dolphins first choice for a quarterback in 2006 was not Daunte Culpepper.

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In fact, the Dolphins made a contract offer to Drew Brees first.  BUT, when Brees failed the physical given to him by Dolphins medical staff, the Dolphins chose instead to send a 2nd round pick to the Vikings for Daunte Culpepper.  Previously we knew that the Dolphins liked Brees, but were worried about his shoulder.  This is the first time we learned that the Dolphins actually made him a contract offer.

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Dolphins Fans, take Cowher’s comments about coaching in 2012 for what they’re worth

Rumors have been swirling for weeks about the Miami Dolphins and their desire to talk to Bill Cowher about coaching the team in 2012.  First, there were reports that the Dolphins had intermediaries reaching out to Cowher.  Then, last week, a report surfaced that claimed the Dolphine Owner reached out to Cowher’s agent.  Well, yesterday Bill Cowher decided to address the rumors on the CBS NFL Pregame show.  Here’s what he said, courtesy of the Sun Sentinel:

“I have not been contacted directly or indirectly by any football team, or any organization. It’s all speculation and it’s unfortunate because it effects the lives of many people who are in the profession” 

“I’m here to say to you today, I do not plan on coaching next year. I love where I work, and more importantly I enjoy the people I work with [at CBS].  So I can put all this speculation to rest, and if I have to repeat this in December I will.”

Cowher clearly felt that he needed to say something about the rumors connecting his name to the currently filled Dolphins head coaching job.  After all, Cowher has reportedly told ALL teams that he will not talk to them about a head coaching job that is currently filled.  Last time I checked, Tony Sparano was still the coach of the Dolphins.

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Dolphins Debate: Who should coach the Dolphins in 2012 and beyond?

This week the speculation continued about who is going to be the next Miami Dolphins coach.  We thought it would be a good time to open up the PhinNation.com forum to see what you think.  This week’s Dolphins Debate asks “Who should coach the Dolphins in 2012 and beyond?”  We feel safe in asking this question now, because Tony Sparano has about as much chance of keeping his job as I do of becoming the next Dolphins coach.  This week, we have replies from 2 of our PhinNation.com writers, as well as one reader’s suggestion.  Please remember to vote at the end and leave a comment with your endorsement for who you’d like to see coaching the Dolphins next year.

Jon Gruden – John – PhinNation.com Writer (@PhinNationJohn)

There are a few good options out there to replace Tony Sparano.  My main credential the organization has to consider when looking for a replacement is that it has to be someone from the outside.  I’m tired of seeing friends or guys with “ties” get jobs for the Dolphins.  How many of Parcell’s “guys” and other ex-Cowboys have to fail for us until we see that it isn’t working?  Another credential the new guy needs to have is history.  No more giving inexperienced assistant coaches or college coaches (with the exception of Urban Meyer) a shot at being our head coach.  Let’s get a guy who has a successful past.  With these two credentials being said, I think there are a few “wish-list” coaches that I would want.

I would obviously LOVE to get Cowher, but if we are unable to land him, I would love to see us make a serious push for Jon Gruden.  Gruden has a history of reviving bad teams; as he did with his time in Oakland and Tampa Bay.  In his eleven seasons in the NFL, he has only had 3 losing seasons, went to the playoffs 5 times, and won SB XXXVII with the Bucs.  He has a history of success and is an outside guy; check those off.  I also LOVE the intensity he brings to a team.  I have read that Tony is a passionate guy, but he is a “player’s coach.”  This organization needs a guy that will demand success and put players on a short leash.  I think Gruden fits this perfectly.  He’s also a big name and an offensive guy that will bring excitement to Miami.  We all know Gruden loves his QBs and assuming we continue to “Suck for Luck,” he will have one of the best to start fresh with.  I love Gruden for the job.  I know he just resigned with ESPN for 5 years, but as “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DeBiase used to say, “Everybody’s got a price!”  Here’s to Hoping! Always, Phins Up!

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Yeramiah Bell says Reggie Bush “stinks”, Dolphins players divided

Watching the Miami Dolphins drama unfold this season is a lot like watching the Jersey Shore on MTV.  There’s drama, dysfunction, and it’s so insanely idiotic that you can’t help but watch and laugh.  The Dolphins are a very unlikeable bunch this year…not only because they are 0-6 and have looked terrible, but because the Dolphins players seem deeply divided.  Dolphins players have lashed out at fans regarding the Suck for Luck wave that’s sweeping the country.

There’s clearly a disconnect between Dolphins players and fans….and now it seems that there is some disconnect between the Dolphins players themselves.  After the Dolphins loss to the Broncos on Sunday, Reggie Bush said that the Dolphins “stink”.  Well, apparently that didn’t sit too well with some of his teammates.   Today, Yeramiah Bell was asked what he thought of Bush’s assessment of the Dolphins….he replied “he stinks”.  He didn’t stop there, saying “That shouldn’t be said around this locker room. We know that we’re 0-6 and we’re not playing the best but at the same time there’s no need for that.”

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Is “Suck for Luck” such a crazy idea?

For the last 3 weeks I’ve listened to all of the debate about the Miami Dolphins fans’ desire to Suck for Luck.  I’ve listened to ‘experts’ on the radio/TV argue whether or not the Dolphins (or any team) should Suck for Luck…… I’ve listened to Dolphins players lash out at fans that support the movement…..I’ve listened to Dolphins fans who are arguing with one another about how loyal of a fan they are.  The truth is, no matter which side of the argument you are on, the Dolphins futility is a direct result of the inadequacy of the QB position.

Think about it, the Dolphins have brought in big name types like Jimmy Johnson, Bill Parcels, and Nick Saban.  None of them have worked.  Since Dan Marino retired, the Dolphins have started 16 different quarterbacks because none of the big name, head honchos, have been able to identify a solid QB option.  The best quarterback (since Marino) to wear a Dolphins uniform was Chad Pennington in the magical season of 2008.  To be fair though, even that season was a bit misleading.  The Dolphins DID play a very weak schedule that year, even though they managed to win the AFC East.  So does it really matter if the Dolphins bring in Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden, or Jeff Fisher to run the team?  Only, if they are bringing a franchise QB with them.

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Gruden and Cowher BOTH interested in Dolphins job in 2012?

Seriously, is there ever a dull day with the Miami Dolphins?  Earlier today the Dolphins signed JP Losman to backup Matt Moore…..and now this:

[blackbirdpie id="128926071646208001"]

Yes, according to Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports, both Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden have let it be known that they want to return to the sidelines in 2012.  The big question I have is whether or not one of them will choose to coach the Dolphins.   According to the report, both have suggested that they would be interested in the Dolphins job.  I wouldn’t expect either of them to say much publicly, because the Dolphins still have a head coach, Tony Sparano.  However, both of them probably want the Dolphins’ Owner, Stephen Ross, to know that they are interested.

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The Dolphins have left me no choice but to WEAR A BAG ON MY HEAD

After watching the first Miami Dolphins games of the 2011 season, the team has disappointed me more than words can express.  I thought this Dolphins team actually had a shot at the playoffs.  I, like others, ripped some of the experts for predicting that the Dolphins would win 3-4 games.  As it turns out, those experts MIGHT have been a little generous.  The Dolphins have become a laughing stock all around the NFL.  Sure, the Colts are bad, but they’re missing their All-World QB.  Sure, the Rams are bad too, but they have been bitten by the injury bug.  But the Dolphins really defy explanation.  How does the defensive unit go from being ranked #6 in the NFL in 2010 to being one of the 5 worst defenses in the NFL?  They replaced TWO players on last year’s defense and one of them was considered an upgrade.

Photo courtesy of @PhinsRock (on Twitter)

Hoping for Chad Henne to develop, plus adding some stability to the O-Line and infusing some new running backs….none of it helped.  NONE OF IT!  A vast majority of the Dolphins fan base is now actively rooting for the team to lose by joining the Suck for Luck campaign.  Add to the fact that more fans want the Dolphins to lose than win, the team cannot give away tickets……Hell, the Dolphins couldn’t sell out Sun Life stadium when the chosen one (Tebow) was to be honored at halftime!!!!  From top to bottom, this organization needs a cleansing from top to freaking bottom.  Parcells left with his tail between his legs, throwing grenades back at the franchise he was supposed to turn around.

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Is Dolphins’ Brandon Marshall close to finally blowing up?

It’s been a relatively quiet week around the Miami Dolphins….Until today, when Brandon Marshall and many other Dolphins met with the media.  Well, it wasn’t completely quiet, if you consider the 12th time the Dolphins have cut Rey Feinga (poor guy!).  Anyway, after practice today, Brandon Marshall went on a verbal tirade as chronicled in the Palm Beach Post report found here.  Here are a few of our favorite comments from his tirade:

“I’ve been living in a bubble a little bit trying to control myself instead of being me,”

“Hey man, I’m just going to let it out. I don’t care if they have two or three cameras on me, I don’t care if I have penalties, it doesn’t matter,”

“I don’t know if it’s throwing a football 15 yards in the bleachers and getting a 15-yard (penalty), or punting the ball and getting thrown out of the game, something’s going to happen. I’ll probably get kicked out after the second quarter.”

“I might get in a fight with Bart Scott, (Antonio) Cromartie – we used to fight in Denver and San Diego. If that happens, that happens.”

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Dolphins News: Jake Long likely to sit, Marshall will not be suspended, Mando’s Henne thoughts

On Tuesday, the Miami Dolphins prepared for their final preseason game of the 2011, against the Dallas Cowboys.  Dolphins coach Sparano didn’t give away too many secrets about who’s going to play and who’s not.  However, you can expect that the starters will likely see very limited time, if they play at all.  The game will be used mostly, to evaluate the younger players on the roster.  The Dolphins need to trim their roster to the final 53 by next week.  But keep in mind, the final 53 might not be the FINAL 53.  After the final cuts next week, the Dolphins will likely look to pickup an acorn or 2, as Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland likes to call them.  One would have to guess that one of those acorns would be some offensive line help.  That’s a story for another day.  Here’s a look at some of the latest Dolphins news:

Jake Long to sit?

The Dolphins 3 time pro bowl LT, Jake Long, is likely to miss the 4th and final preseason game of the year.  He hasn’t played in a preseason game yet, but has been working out with the Dolphins at practice.  Long suffered an injury during the final preseason game of 2010 and the injury has lingered.  The Dolphins really need Long on the field during the regular season…that goes without saying….especially with the anxiety caused by the current offensive line.  Lydon Murtha is currently injured as well, which would lead us to believe that Chad Henne will not play tomorrow night.  Why would Sparano put his starting QB into a game, when he is missing his top 2 LT’s?

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Soliai working hard to earn long term contract not another Franchise Tag

Before the Lockout started, the Miami Dolphins placed a $12 mil franchise tag on their monster NT, Paul Soliai.  We, like many of you, were very excited to hear over the weekend that Soliai is working hard despite being lockout of the Dolphins facility.  From what we understand, Soliai is weighing in at 342 lbs, right around the playing weight that Tony Sparano would like him to be at.  We hope Paul continues to build upon the improvement he showed in 2010.  He was a force to be reckoned with on the interior of the Dolphins defensive line.

Photo by Chris J. Nelson

However, keep in mind that while Paul is working hard to ‘earn’ his $12 mil in 2011, he is also working hard to ‘earn’ a long term contract from Jeff Ireland and the Dolphins.  The $12 mil contract he signed is a 1 year deal, meaning that Soliai will need to show in 2011 that he can maintain the high level he played at in 2010.  The Dolphins would be wise to hold off on a long term deal until at least mid-way through the 2011 season, making Paul prove that he’s worth the investment.  We like Soliai a lot, don’t get us wrong, but he’s a player that has had weight issues and motivational issues in the past…..So if you give a player like that a big, long term deal, he could slip into his old habits.

We’re excited to see what Paul can do in 2011 for the Dolphins because he has the size and strength to demand double teams, which will free up other defenders to stop the run or get to the quarterback.  We just hope he continues to improve and show the consistency that made him so good last season.  A dominating Soliai in the middle will allow Randy Starks to move to the DE position, only to spell Soliai on obvious passing downs inside.  This creates a great DE rotation of Kendall Langford, Randy Starks, and last year’s first round pick for the Dolphins, Jared Odrick.

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