Tannehill: 2 weeks ago Martin would’ve said Richie was his best friend on the Dolphins

Ironically and hysterically, the Miami Dolphins players welcomed the media into the locker room by blaring circus music.  It’s been that kind of week I guess.  Today, during the post-practice press conference, Joe Philbin essentially declined to talk about the Martin/Incognito situation until the NFL investigation is over with.

Photo Courtesy of Dolphins.com

Photo Courtesy of Dolphins.com

Ryan Tannehill, however, stood up for Incognito and tried to explain that the focus of the team is on the Tampa Bay Bucs.  Here are a few of the tweets recapping Tannehill’s comments:

This is a very interesting comment to me.  Taken at face value, it hurts Martin’s case.  But the possibility also exists that Martin was intimidated by Richie and wanted to become friends with him in the hopes that the jokes, etc. would stop.   Considering the source, the seemingly squeaky clean Tannehill, you have to at least think that he’s telling you what he really feels.  Just another twist in this rapidly changing and evolving story.


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