Tannehill’s developing faster because of Dolphins practice style

The Miami Dolphins know that Ryan Tannehill still has a lot to learn about being an NFL quarterback.  However, Tannehill’s has played relatively well, considering he has only started 4 NFL games.  Yes, he’s thrown 6 interceptions and only 2 touchdowns.  But don’t let the statistics fool you.  We’ve watched the Dolphins games, you see the pocket presence, the ability to throw on the run, the arm strength, the leadership.

Tannehill started on 19 games at Texas A&M and many ‘experts’ thought that he would not be ready to play in the NFL until year 2 or 3.  But, after David Garrard went down with his knee injury, Tannehill beat our Matt Moore for the Dolphins starting quarterback job.  Tannehill knows this offense inside and out, it’s apparent when you watch him run the offense in games. He’s played only 4 games, but the tape shows that he’s a quarterback that has all of the tools necessary, both physical and mental.

What’s most impressive about Tannehill is his ability to adjust when the defense blitzes.  When the defense rushes 5 or more defenders, Tannehill has completed 16 of 22 passes for 306 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT for a QB rating of 110.  That’s good. Actually, that’s the best of any quarterback in the NFL when blitzed.  Pretty impressive for a guy who wasn’t supposed to play this year, huh?  (cont’d on page 2, click below)

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