The Future is Now for The Miami Dolphins… or Basic Principals of Keynesian Economics


By Miami Jules (@Miami_Jules on Twitter)

The Miami Dolphins have no general manager, no offensive coordinator. The super bowl champion has not been crowned yet, and the NFL combine is still months away.  So why is it that I am writing about the 2014 NFL draft as it relates to the Dolphins , you may be wondering?  It is very simple. The Miami Dolphins off season needs are obvious ones and so is the talent of some high ranking prospects entering the draft. It is based on these two things, that make this off season early draft needs analysis relevant even at this point.

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It is true that without a GM and offensive coordinator in place, evaluating the fit of draft prospects, could be considered less than just guestimates and more like a wild guess.  But, the need to strengthen the talent on the offensive line dictate that regardless of the direction the Dolphins go after they fill the vacant positions, the OL  must be the team’s top priority (as it should have been in 2013). It is also pretty certain, that the Dolphins will continue to use some version of the west coast offense and zone blocking in the running game. These are factors that make an early analysis of at least offensive talent, not too overly premature. I will concentrate on only one position and on only one player of flexible talent and skills set during this analysis.

The Dolphins have the 19th overall pick of the draft and may be able to maneuver up without having to mortgage the house. Say hello to Cyrus Kouandjio from Alabama. We know Kouandjio, aside from being a very hard to pronounce last name, also played in a Nick Saban pro-style offense. This would already exclude him from consideration as a Dolphins’ prospect, but the junior Crimson Tide left tackle is versatile and will prove to be the stud of the upcoming draft. (continued on page 2, CLICK HERE)

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