The REAL story on Richie Incognito’s incident and the Dolphins practice report

Miami Dolphins’ starting left guard Richie Incognito was involved in an incident at a club before training camp started.  It was an incident, as no charges were pressed and no one is doing any jail time.  However, if you read any of the stories that came out yesterday morning/afternoon, you were led to believe that Richie Incognito knocked out a security guard and that was it…that was the headline.  Here’s one story that was later updated to include more details of the incident.  But Adam Schefter of ESPN, who reported the story first, failed to look into the police report on the subject.

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In actuality, it seems that Richie was trying to break up a fight between his friends and the security guard.  The security guard is Carlos Joseph, former University of Miami offensive lineman.  Richie was not charged with assault and had visible scrapes and cuts on him, while Joseph did not.  Even more, it was Incognito that called 911 after the incident, not the club.  It appears that what was first reported was only half of the story.  When the full context is understood, this is not simply ‘Richie being Richie’ or ‘Incognito involved in another incident’, as the headlines yesterday would have had you believe.

The truth is that the club has video cameras, but has not released those to authorities, probably because the video shows what really happened….which is closer to Richie’s version of the story.  The thing to understand is why Adam Schefter was the first to report this incident.  Isn’t it awfully coincidental that 2 days after Antoine Smith is suspended for swinging a helmet at Incognito, that this story emerges?  Incognito and Smith do not like each other and that feud goes back quite a few years.  Is it possible (or even likely) that a player, maybe Smith himself, spoke with Schefter and alerted him to Richie’s incident?  After all, this incident happened a month ago.  I would be surprised if any type of suspension came down from the NFL on Richie since there were no charges brought from the incident.  He’s played with a level head on the field and hopefully he continues to have a level head off the field as well.

Onto the practice field

– Ryan Tannehill threw 2 interceptions on Wednesday, but looked pretty good otherwise.  he’s connecting more and more with Mike Wallace, which is definitely encouraging.

– It appears the Dolphins will use certain tight ends in certain packages/formations.  Dion Sims will be used for blocking…Charles Clay will be used as an H-Back….Evan Rodriguez, if he makes the team, would probably be used in a similar way to Clay, but even more like a fullback…..and Michael Egnew would probably be used as a seam threat, perhaps even splitting out wide.  We’ll see what happens when other teams start making cuts, but if the Dolphins do not add a tight end, it seems they’ll use their tight ends based on their strengths. (continued on page 2, CLICK HERE)

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