The Week Ahead for the Miami Dolphins and Division Foes Week 5 Edition

Hey PhinNation readers, before I get into my football analysis I figured I would write a few brief sentences about who I am. To start I am a 17 year-old student in Massachusetts. I may be younger than most, but my knowledge is extensive. I have been a Miami Dolphins fan for my entire life and have researched almost all of the important happenings that occurred before my birth with the team. I am a huge fantasy football junkie and also love the Boston Celtics, Red Sox, and Bruins. If there is anything else you want to know don’t hesitate to leave me some comments after the post or hit me up on twitter @ PhinNationBK.

Week 4 was a bad week for the AFC East as the New England Patriots were the only team to win in a 31 – 19 victory @ Oakland. The Dolphins were beaten as most expected by the San Diego Chargers, in a game in which Dolphins quarterback, Chad Henne, was knocked out in the first quarter with a separated shoulder. Matt Moore relieved him and wasn’t awful statistically, going 17 for 26 and 167 yards with one interception. The New York Jets were destroyed on Sunday night football by the Baltimore Ravens and a defense that forced 4 turnovers with three going back for six points. Lastly, the Buffalo Bills were handed their first loss by the Cincinnati Bengals with a last minute field goal. That is what happened in week 4, lets preview whats going to happen in week 5 starting with the first place team in the AFC East, the Buffalo Bills…I know, still shocking.

 Buffalo Bills ( 3 – 1 )

Buffalo’s match up in week 5 is at home against the “Dream Team”, Philadelphia Eagles. However, their season has been more of a nightmare than a dream. The Eagles are 1 – 3, and have under performed the entire season. I don’t think they have had a worse game than their week 4 loss to the San Francisco 49ers. LeSean McCoy only had 9 carries for 18 yards. McCoy has been one of the top running backs this season and even though Michael Vick threw for a career high, 416 yards, you have to get McCoy the ball. The Eagles defense played awful, allowing Alex Smith to throw for 291 yards and 2 touchdowns and they gave up 127 yards to a banged up Frank Gore who didn’t even start the game. If an injured Frank Gore can do that to you, I don’t even know how much Fred Jackson is going to go for this week. He has been on fire going for 369 yards and four scores while maintaining a 5.8 yards per carry average. I am on the Buffalo bandwagon. Even though they lost to Cincinnati I think the Bills come back in week 5 and beat the Philadelphia Eagles to maintain their first place seeding in the AFC East division. Buffalo wins 28 – 20.

New England Patriots ( 3 – 1 )

The New England Patriots are playing the New York Jets in Foxboro this week. A lot of people think this game will be like the other great Patriot – Jet rivalry games of the past. After seeing the Jets on Sunday night football and watching just how bad Mark Sanchez is I think the Patriots win this game BIG. Ex – Dolphin wide receiver, Wes Welker, has been on a tear this year and is on pace to break Jerry Rice’s receiving record. Not to mention the man throwing him the ball is also on pace to not just break the yardage record set by Dolphin great, Dan Marino, but to shatter it. Somehow, Tom Brady is doing all this in ugg boots instead of cleats. He cut his hair too, which means he has to win a Superbowl now right? Wrong, the Patriots defense stinks; “they can’t stop a nose bleed!” Even with how bad a game Sanchez had last week,  he can go for 300 yards and 3 touchdowns against them. I’m not saying it’ll happen, but it’s definitely possible. The Patriots are going to beat you in shootouts and if you have a stalled drive then Brady is going to make you pay. The Jets can’t maintain a shootout so I am going with the Patriots by a score of 30 – 13.

 New York Jets ( 2 -2 )

F – E – E – T! Feet, Feet, Feet!

If the Jets have any chance of beating the Belichicks this week they are going to need to force multiple turnovers out of the Patriots offense. They have the capability to do  sowith players like Bart Scott and Darelle Revis, but Brady does not turn the ball over often. The Jets defense is going to have to bring the pass rush because even with Revis and Antonio Cromartie in coverage, Brady will find someone. On offense, Mark Sanchez is going to need to take the team on his shoulders and try and out duel Brady. I expect a big day out of Sanchez and the Jets wide receivers as the Patriots are last in passing defense giving up 477.5 yards per game through the air.

Miami Dolphins ( 0 – 4 )

Here we are, dead last heading into a bye week. We haven’t recorded a single win and everyone is picking us to be in the “Suck for Luck” sweepstakes. I’m not there yet, but the second I hear that the players in the locker room are quitting on the team I am in. Changes need to be made and new policies need to be instituted. The Dolphins just stink and were getting worse as Chad Henne is injured and could be out for a significant amount of time. I know some fans think Matt Moore is an improvement, but let’s not forget he “lead” the Carolina Panthers to the number 1 overall pick last year. I’ve heard other names like David Garrard and Jake Delhomme as possible replacements if Henne is out, but as of right now no deal has been reached.  The only positive I have is that Daniel Thomas, when healthy, has played like a guy we traded up for. (Since when does a Dolphins draft pick actually produce outside of Jake Long this can’t be right!) Everyone else is just playing awful. Our defense is ranked 30th in the NFL giving up a total of 415 yards a game. Brandon Marshall has a mean case of the “droppies” and our offensive line is playing awful, giving up sacks and allowing defensive lineman to get in our backfield and stuff our “running game”. If things keep up at this rate the Dolphins are going to be in the “Suck for Luck” sweepstakes and be in the search of a new head coach (please be Gruden).

– Brandon