Who are the top 10 Dolphins of All-Time??


By Miami Jules (@Miami_Jules on Twitter)

Spring has sprung and with it, spring brings along its beautiful flowers and warmer weather, calm after the wintry  storms, and a lull in the football free agent action, as many of the top F/As have been signed and coaches and GMs put on their silly convention hats and attend the NFL Owner’s annual meeting. We, the absolute football fans in the meantime, are being hammered on sports TV by the relentlessly torturous non-stop coverage of college basketball, while we desperately try to find an oasis of information, in a desert of football news.

Photo Courtesy of Dolphins.com

Photo Courtesy of Dolphins.com

We do not have to suffer my beloved football purists, so I thought some football entertainment in the form of trivial homage to those heroes of the gridiron who might’ve once stirred up emotional excitement and passion , which we now look nostalgically back on, may put some excitement back into our football starved minds. The question I ask you fellow Dolfans is: Who are your top 10 Dolphins of all time? Participation is encouraged and if we get enough of you involved, I will be happy to ask a similar question during another desperate quiet time, either before the draft, or in between the draft and the start of training camp as rumor and news demands it. Here is my top 10 Dolphins of all time:

10- He was shifty, and he had a bigger heart than his 5’9” frame, he was exciting as a runner and catching the ball coming out of the backfield. He’s Troy Stradford


9-He is the all-time interception leader for the Miami Dolphins and co-host of The Finsiders TV and  radio show. This man has, even after retirement, an instinctive knack to snatch items from the air. I personally saw him recently, dive and grab a water bottle in midair before it hit the ground, after someone had dropped it (OK, so maybe he didn’t exactly dive and the bottle did hit the floor but I thought  I’d take advantage of editorial privileges and exaggerate somewhat for dramatic purposes and I really like the guy…  close enough to the real story).  He is Sam Madison.

8- His moves were like no others’… poetry in motion. He had the smoothest hands around and always made the nearly impossible look easy while doing it with artistic grace. He is Hall of Fame WR Paul Warfiled  #42 and forever a member of the perfect team during the perfect season.  (continued on page 2, CLICK HERE)

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