With Lockout Looming, NFL Fan Strike Expands and Intensifies

It is time to face reality, NFL Fans.  The NFL Owners are going to Lockout the players, beginning March 4th.  The two sides are not meeting and from what reports indicate, there is growing distrust between the NFL Owners and NFLPA.  Just yesterday, the NFL filed charges against the NFLPA for not bargaining in good faith. It is becoming clear that the two sides are just too far apart to get any meaningful bargaining done anytime soon.  In today’s NFL Fan Strike update, we are going to tell you about the next steps in NFL Fan Strike, including an actual protest, and Clarify some facts regarding the Lockout.

NFL Fan Strike – Next Steps

The NFL Fan Strike continues to grow everyday.  With more and more fans getting involved and spreading the word, the Strike is picking up momentum. We will continue asking for help to pass the NFL Fan Strike message onto fans. This is still VERY important.  We need to reach ALL NFL Fans.

Now it is time for the NFL Owners to see the effects of a Lockout, before their own eyesOn March 3rd, all 32 NFL Owners are meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  They will be voting on whether or not to lock the players out.  As of today, it looks as though a lockout is definitely going to happen. There is a real chance that the 2011 NFL Season will be shortened or even worse, might not happen at all.

So what can NFL Fans do?  We would like all willing NFL Fans in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and surrounding areas to protest on the day of this meeting (March 3rd).   We’re talking picket signs, protest chants, the whole 9 yards.  Do the NFL Owners think they can lockout the players and risk losing the season, without any repercussions from the fans?  They are severely mistaken.  We’re working on obtaining the exact location of the meeting and will post it as soon as possible.  One guy standing outside with a picket sign isn’t going to do it.  We need hundreds, if not thousands of fans involved.  Spread the word, and let the Owners know that the Fans are the ones that make the NFL great. Think of the message that will send to Roger Goodell and the Owners!

As a reminder, please take the following steps to support the NFL Fan Strike:

1. Sign the Petition.  We’ll be sending this to the NFL offices on March 3rd and need ALL members of the NFL Fan Strike to sign it.  It literally takes less than 2 minutes to do.

2. Follow us on Twitter (@NFL_FanStrike) OR Friend us on Facebook here. This will help you to stay up to date with the latest on the CBA negotiations and the NFL Fan Strike.

3. Refrain from purchasing ANY NFL Licensed Merchandise.  No coffee mugs, no jerseys, no t-shirts, no team blankets, etc.

Additionally, there are a number of fan groups organizing on Twitter, and we all want the same thing, NFL football (@UnitedNFLFans11, @brifred).  We invite all of their followers to join the NFL Fan Strike boycott on NFL Licensed Merchandise.  The more ways we can show the NFL Owners that a Lockout is unacceptable, the more effective we will be. We need to come together as one NFL Fan base and let the Owners know that we DO NOT WANT A LOCKOUT.

Clarifying the Lockout

We wanted to take a few moments to clear up some of the questions we’ve been getting, concerning the lockout.  Here is a brief recap:

  • The Owners are going to Lockout the players, this is not a Player Strike.
  • Once the Lockout begins, players will no longer be allowed in the Team Facilities.  No OTA’s, No Mini-Camps, Not even treatment for injuries.
  • No pending free agent can sign with a new NFL team until a new CBA is reached.
  • No trades involving players can be made until a new CBA is reached.  Draft pick for draft pick trades can be made, but a player for a draft pick is not.
  • No NFL players will be paid by their team until a new CBA is reached.
  • The Owners WILL still receive their payments from the television networks, even if the Lockout prevents games from being played.

Thank you all for your help and supports.  We will have our voices heard and we will have football in 2011!!!