Could the Dolphins Have a Secret Deal in Place with the Bengals?


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  1. Henry says:

    Offer Detroit #56 & X Howard with Mia paying this yrs salary on Howard (he’s already on the books and they’re still well over the cap-buying draft picks more or less) they’d still be able to draft Okudah and have a nice secondary on the cheap. Howard has missed a little more than 1/3 of his games anyway and with Mia going younger he’s likely to get dealt or released next yr anyway. Throw in an early 5th rdr if needed. Now Mia would be at #3.

    Give Cincy #3 & 26, 2nd rdr 2021 & Rosen (with Mia paying Rosen’s remaining contract salary, more or less buying draft capitol once again). Now you got Burrow.

    That leaves Miami with #1 Burrow, 18, 39 & 70 in the top 3 rds with a very good shot at trading back from 18 and gaining surely another 2nd rdr back or at least another 3rd for only moving back a few spots. Miami would have THEIR GUY and still at least 3 more top picks where 2 of then could easily be moved to gain more picks either this or next yr. And they’d only be giving up a 2nd from next yrs draft in this scenario…

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