What is the Miami Dolphins Strategy for the 2020 Draft?


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  1. Justin T. Wollman says:

    Pick #5
    Tua has to be the guy.
    From Joe Marino NFL COMPs
    Borrow – Tony Romo, nice
    Tagovailoa – Drew Brees, YES PLZ
    Herbert – Ryan Tannehill, not a top 5 pick even in his prime
    Love – Colin Kaepernick, not a top 5 pick even in his prime

    #1 I want the Brees Clone.
    #2 Tua has the experience to play in big games.
    #3 if Tua truly is hurt, I want Becton at #5 and hope Herbert/Love falls to #18.
    Im not drafting a Tannehill or Kaepernick clones with a #5 pick.

    Top 4 Tackle Becton, Willis, Wirfs, Thomas. Browns, Cards, Jets and Tampa all need OTs.
    If all are gone, I want Chaisson. If Dallas picks him up
    I want Delpit. Might be a little early, but I think he’s an All-Pro and plays from day 1 and for the next 10yrs

    second Tier Tackles Jones or Wilson. I think like Wilson only because I love UGA Oline players better, the only reason.
    if tackle is gone: Ruiz IOL might be nabbed by the Pats, Murray might be nabbed by the Saints, A.J. Epenesa

    #39 RUNNING BACK J.K. Dobbins and Jonathan Taylor both had Amazing college careers. I like Wisconsin RBs better than OSU track record, but this is honestly a coin flip.
    – Could cross the fingers and pick a DT or IOL and hope one of these guys fall

    – Jordyn Brooks is an Al Wilson Clone. the of the best lines of Al Wilson was “He’s safety raised by an angry pack of wolves”.
    – Tee Higgins, Tall Parker Clone
    but I pick IOL Cushenberry III or IOL Hennessy if there.

    Edge Rusher Okwara or Darrell Taylor

    My Mock:
    #5 QB Tua Tagovailoa
    #18 OT Jedrick Willis
    #26 S Grant Delpit
    #39 Jonathan Taylor
    #56 IOL Cushenberry III
    #70 EDGE Okwara
    #141 WR Collin Johnson
    #152 RB AJ Dillon
    #153 QB Anthony Gordon
    #173 LB Shaquille Quarterman
    #185 OG Solomon Kindley
    #227 OT Trey Adams
    #246 CB Levonta Taylor
    #251 EDGE Oluwole Betiku Jr

    – Building from the inside out
    – Offense has a face for the future
    – Offense lines has a strong balance now
    – Running game has a balance of elusiveness and power with Taylor and Dillon
    – Gordon I think is completely underrated. There’s value either way if he plays or sits
    – Johnson 6’6 Have fun covering that in the Redzone

    Only missing a DT, the rest can be built in next year’s draft too.

    Thanks for the time Conversation and hope your family is well!

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