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Dolphin’s car stolen at camp, 5 key camp battles, and how much free agency helped

The Dolphins have been back in action for 3 days now, so there is finally some Dolphins news for us to report.  In addition to PhinNation, a number of other Dolphins blogs have been busy writing stories too.  Since the season is back, so are our Miami Musings.  Here are some of the stories we’re reading about around the Dolphins blogosphere.

Miami Musings

Josh Samuda’s car ‘stolen’ –

As has become the tradition, the Miami Dolphins players practice hard, but they play hard off the field too.  Usually it’s rookies that get hazed by veterans, but last night we saw the Dolphins veterans playing tricks on a 2nd year player, Josh Samuda.  ThePhinsider breaks down the prank, so we won’t spoil it for you.  Let’s just say that Samuda’s car was ‘stolen’

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Musings: Dolphins rookie camp opens today, Tebow hoax, plus areas of improvement

Now that the Draft is over, the Miami Dolphins coaches can begin to focus on preparing their players for the 2013 season.  The Dolphins roster is obviously not set in stone, but the next few weeks will provide the building blocks for the Dolphins training camp, which opens in July.  We all know that the offensive line is far from set, as the Dolphins are still weighing their options to find another starting offensive tackle.  But today, the Dolphins coaches will get their first look at their shiny new toys….draft picks.

Miami Musings

Since there isn’t a lot of news to report, we wanted to share a few stories with you that caught our attention.  Our Miami Musings this week will take a look at what we can expect from the Dolphins rookies, a Twitter hoax perpetrated by one of our readers, and a post that takes a closer look at what areas the Dolphins have improved in since last season.

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Musings: Tavon Austin opinions, strength of schedule, plus trade down scenarios

There is less than a week before the NFL Draft kicks off.  The Dolphins are finalizing their draft boards, while also continuing to keep discussions open with the Chiefs regarding a potential trade for Branden Albert.  We also learned last night about the Dolphins schedule for the 2013 season, so we know the road that must be traveled, if the team will make its long awaited return to the playoffs.  We’ve been doing some reading from around the Dolphins Blogosphere and wanted to share some of the interesting stories we’ve come across.

Miami Musings

Dolphins Strength of Schedule – takes us through the Dolphins schedule and finds that the Dolphins have the 7th hardest schedule in the NFL next season.  Based on teams’ records from 2012, the Dolphins will face opponents with a winning percentage of .520, including the World Champion Baltimore Ravens.  As we told you earlier today, the schedule might not be easy, but it also might not be as ferocious as it may seem.

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Musings: Vote for Marino, plus a Mock Draft, inside info on Grimes, & Lamar Miller breakdown

The Dolphins are in full poker mode, sending smokescreens and leaking the information they want to leak, all in an attempt to conceal their plans for the upcoming draft.  As such, there isn’t a lot of information coming out of Davie, FL.  So we thought we would take a moment and share some of the interesting things we’ve been reading, from other Dolphins blogs.

Miami Musings

Vote for Marino

Dan Marino may have retired 13 years ago, but he’s still loved by Dolphins fans.  He’s currently fighting for a spot on the cover of Madden this year.  He’s into the 3rd round after knocking off Reggie Wayne and Marshall Faulk.  Now he’s up against Joe Montana, a number 1 seed.  Marino needs your help to advance in the bracket, so please go here and vote!  Voting literally takes less than 10 seconds.  Please show your support for the greatest Miami Dolphin of all time!!!

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Miami Musings: Creative Playcalling, Big Papa Pump dissing Fireman Ed, and the Dolphins sign Coe

The Miami Dolphins are treating their game on Sunday against the Patriots as if it were a playoff game…..they should be, because that’s exactly what it is.  If the Dolphins lose, not only will their record fall to 5-7, but their record in conference will fall to 3-6.  Even if the Dolphins managed to win out, they would finish 9-7 BUT would only be 6-6 in conference, which probably won’t be enough to win any tiebreakers.  The Dolphins are taking the game seriously, but it’s going to take a near-perfect effort to beat the Pats on Sunday.

Today, we wanted to share our Miami Musings with you.  We found a few Dolphins blogs that had stories that we wanted to share with you and give our thoughts on.  These stories include a closer look at the Dolphins playcalling against the Seahawks, Big Papa Pump taking shots at the Jets’ Fireman Ed, an awesome Forum site, and the Dolphins signing a new cornerback.


Earlier this week, we told you that we liked some of the playcalling by Mike Sherman against the Seahawks.  We didn’t love all of it, but we specifically liked the ‘end around’ action.  In the above article did a great job of breaking down the plays we were referring to.  Mike Sherman lined up the offense in a similar formation, using similar motions, but calling different plays out of it.  This playcalling confused the Seahawks defense and allowed the Dolphins to pick up some big plays.  This is exactly the type of creativity we need to see more of as it makes the Dolphins offense less predictable.  (cont’d on page 2, click below)

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Miami Musings: Breaking down Tannehill & Dolphins fans are excited

The Miami Dolphins were off on Tuesday, getting one final day of rest before their practice resumes in preparation for Sunday’s BIG divisional matchup with the Jets.  Since we already broke down the Dolphins Division this week, we thought we’d skip that feature on it’s usual Wednesday slot.  Instead, since the Dolphins were off on Tuesday, we did some reading of other Dolphins blogs and wanted to share some of our favorite stories with you.  Today’s Miami Musings will cover a great breakdown of Ryan Tannehill’s numbers so far this year, Dolphins fans excitement , and a look at some trade rumors that are floating around.

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Ryan Tannehill Breakdown –

Patrick over at does a great job in this article, breaking down Ryan Tannehill’s statistics so far this season.  Yes, it’s only a very small sample, 6 games. But, the breakdown shows where Tannehill’s strengths are (1st and 4th quarters) and where his weaknesses are (2nd and 3rd quarters).  Very interesting numbers and a good job by the guys at

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Miami Musings: Breaking down Tannehill’s day, Dolphins momentum, and an early big board

The Miami Dolphins are flying high after their blowout win against the Raiders on Sunday.  Dolphins fans are buzzing and it’s very obvious that it is in fact, Jets week!  The Dolphins will host the Jets on Sunday and will look to improve to 2-1 and hold at least a share of the AFC East lead.  Before we get to Sunday though, our tour around other Dolphins blogs has some interesting topics:  A full breakdown of the Dolphins dismantling of the Raiders, an early look at possible Dolphins draft targets, keys to success against the Jets, and a chance to win a signed copy of ‘Perfection’.

Breaking down the Dolphins win –

The Dolphins played evenly with the Raiders on Sunday, until the second half when they stepped on the gas peddle and let Reggie Bush have a monster day.  In this post, CK Parrot does a great job of breaking down what the Dolphins did so well in the second half of the game that helped the Dolphins blowout the Raiders.  I love his critique of Ryan Tannehill, CK knows his stuff and is as good as it gets when breaking down film.  It’s an in-depth look at the Dolphins that you won’t regret reading.

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Miami Musings: 7-11 cut, Tannehill’s learning, & how the Dolphins matchup with Oakland

Miami Musings, our weekly tour around other popular Miami Dolphins blogs, is back!  We plan to bring feature to you each week as part of our posting schedule.  This week, we check in on some Dolphins’ roster moves via, examine what Ryan Tannehill needs to do to learn to lead the Dolphins via, and take an early look at how the Dolphins matchup with the Raiders via .

7-Eleven is closed

This evening, the Dolphins made a few roster moves.  Most notably, the Dolphins released Chris Hogan, he of the Hard Knocks stardom.  Coaches grew tired of waiting for Hogan to be more physical.  The Dolphins also waived LB Sammy Brown and signed WR Brian Tyms and DT Chas Alecxih to the practice squad.  Right now, the Dolphins have 52 players on their roster, with 1 free spot remaining.

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