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NFL Fan “Strike” Update: 7 Days and Counting!!

The NFL Fan Strike begins in 7 days!!!  We would like to thank everyone that has responded so positively to our initial Fan Strike Post. We received more positive feedback from fans than we thought possible.  We would like to thank the Sun Sentinel’s Mike Berardino and Matty from the Dolphins blog, ThePhinsider.com for supporting our Strike.  2 great Dolphins media personnel, making an attempt to help spread the word.  Now we need fans and media from every other NFL team to do the same.  So NY Giants fans, San Francisco Giants fans, Miami Dolphins fans, Pittsburgh Steelers fans, Dallas Cowboy fans, Philadelphia Eagles fans, New England Patriots fans, EVERYONE, please join in!

Follow us on Twitter

In our last post we were directing followers to our Dolphins twitter account.  However, we have set up a twitter account for the #NFLFanStrike, which we encourage you to follow here.  But now, as we enter crunch time, we must spread the word to ALL NFL Fans.  We have tried contacting everyone from Roger Goodell to Chad Ochocinco, from Trey Wingo to Adam Schefter.  However, none of them have even acknowledged our Fan Stike?  Do you know why?  Because it’s a good idea and the NFL, ESPN, and other media personalities realize that a Fan Strike will hurt their advertising partners.  SO, we know that our Fan Strike is a good idea and we know that it can work.  Fans want to have their voices heard.  We want football.  We want a full offseason of trade rumors and mock drafts.  We want a full regular season, be it 16 or 18 games.  WE WANT FOOTBALL!!

Our “Strike”

For those of you that are wondering what we are talking about an NFL Fan Strike for, read here.  The Fans of the NFL are uniting to strike in the form of a boycott for ALL NFL licensed products.  Whether it’s jerseys, hats, bumper stickers, t shirts, EVERYTHING!  This boycott/strike will help the NFL owners realize that fans CAN control something in this negotiation.  We want our voices heard and we want NFL Football!

We need YOUR help!

First, if you haven’t already, please sign our official petition here.  We will be sending this petition to Mr. Goodell and the NFL owners once the NFLFanStrike begins.  Next, and this is much more important than the petition, we need you to tweet or email your favorite media personalities and players, and encourage them to retweet, or spread the word about the NFL Fan Strike. You can refer them back to our original story by using this link: www.phinnation.com/?p=310 .

Here is a starting list of people to contact.  Even if you can only send one email to one person, it will help our cause tremendously.  Thank you in advance for all of your help.  Hopefully, our efforts will result in football resuming as soon as possible!!

Colin Cowherd – theherd@espnradio.com

Mike and Mike – mikeandmike@espnradio.com , Twitter – @MikeandMike

Peter King – Twitter – @SI_PeterKing

Adam Schefter – Twitter – @AdamSchefter

Chris Mortenson – Twitter – @mortreport

Jay Glazer – Twitter – @jay_glazer

Joe and Evan – Twitter – @joeandevan

Trey Wingo - Twitter – @wingoz

Jason LaCanfora – Twitter – @jasonlacanfora

PTI Show – Twitter – @PTIShow

NFL Lockout – Twitter – @NFLLockout

Roger Goodell - Twitter – @nflcommish

Thank you all again very much.  We will have our voices heard and we will do our part to stop the NFL Lockout!  If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below!  Again, if you want to follow the #NFLFanStrike on twitter, click here.