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Could the Dolphins be interested in Larry Fitzgerald or Jared Allen?

The NFL trade deadline is today at 4 PM. The Miami Dolphins team of Jeff Ireland and Steve Ross are hard at work. The future of this season and this franchise are decided in moments like this. Now that the deadline is set after week 8, teams can better decide if they are buyers or sellers, creating an intriguing market.

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Last year’s biggest move was made by the New England Patriots. They acquired cornerback Aqib Talib, who has made a significant impact on their pass defense.

This year, the biggest names rumored to be available are wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, running back Maurice Jones-Drew and defensive end Jared Allen.

The Dolphins should be the highest bidder, as they were in the off-season.

Jones-Drew and Allen are free agents to be, with their teams in line to receive 2015 draft pick compensation should they leave via free agency.

By trading them now they can get 2014 draft compensation and shave their remaining salary off their book, with unused salary cap able to be carried over to next season.

Currently, the Dolphins are about $19 million under the salary cap, giving them somewhere in the neighborhood of $36 million to play with next off-season should they stand pat.

However, what is the use in waiting until next season perpetually. (continued on page 2, CLICK HERE)

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