Latest news on Ireland, Philbin, and Sherman & their future with the Dolphins


The Miami Dolphins season ended just a few days ago, but the Dolphins fan base is in an uproar.  Why?  Because we still have no indication as to who the Dolphins GM, head coach, or offensive coordinator will be in 2014.  While teams like the Bucs have fired and already hired a new coach, the Dolphins are still in the process of sorting things out.  Well, I should say, Stephen Ross is still trying to figure out exactly what he wants to do.  The lack of communication and lack of decisive action, is driving the fan base crazy.

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I know this first hand, because I’ve been pretty active on Twitter, just waiting for news to hit.  I’ve been passing the time, trying to keep everyone in good spirits, by making light of the situation.  But I must tell you, I’ve had followers on Twitter going so far as to question my fan hood because I think that Ireland and Philbin have done a poor job.  How can anyone honestly say they’ve done a good job?  Tensions are high and the anticipation of something/anything happening has fans going crazy.  I’m right there with you, I wish Stephen Ross could make a decision!  Ultimately, he must make the right decision.  In my humble opinion, I think he should hit the reset button, firing Ireland, Philbin, Sherman, all of them.

The latest news out of Davie is that Mr. Ross is at the Dolphins facility and is meeting with various groups within the organization.  No news is leaking out, but we do know that Dawn Aponte and Kevin Coyle have left the building.  Maybe both are safe?  Who knows!   Aponte, some in the media believe, may be destined for a job at the NFL offices.  Unfortunately, that’s all of the news we’ve gotten out of the South Florida media that are sitting across the street from the Dolphins facility.

Actually, I shouldn’t say that, Armando Salguero has some good insight into what is supposedly going on.  Armando reminded us this morning that he reported a month ago that Stephen Ross had given Jeff Ireland assurances that his job was safe.  However, Mando is saying now that in light of the Dolphins late season collapse, Ross is genuinely torn and is having a hard time firing Ireland because he doesn’t want to go back on his word.  This is our owner folks.  First, he shouldn’t have given Ireland any assurance before the season was over.  Second, if you believe the guy has done a bad job (he has), then you should fire him and move on.  Do what is best for the team!  (continued on page 2, CLICK HERE)

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