Pitiful Picks: Will the Dolphins get back to winning?


By Bill (@PhinNation on Twitter)

Back by popular demand, we present our Pitiful Picks!  We’ll pick a selection of games, including the Dolphins game, every week.  At the end of the year, we’ll look forward to being mocked….endlessly.  Last year, we started off slow, but were able to rebound and finish above .500.  We even took the Seahawks as underdogs in the Super Bowl and won!  But that was last year, this week we’re starting with a blank slate.

Photo Courtesy of Dolphins.com

Photo Courtesy of Dolphins.com

In our preseason predictions, we had the Dolphins beating the Patriots and losing to the Bills.  Are they that predictable?  Apparently so!  We won’t count those 2 victories, like I said, we’re starting fresh this week.  If you choose to play along, leave your picks BEFORE THE 1 O’CLOCK GAMES, in the comment section!  We’re using the CBS point spreads, so if you have a problem with the spreads, take it up with them.  Here we go:

Colts – 6.5 over Jaguars

You’re probably going to notice a theme here: desperation.  The Colts are 0-2 after tough losses to the Broncos and Eagles. They’re on the road, but it’s hard not to pick them when they NEED a win, they’re playing the Jaguars, and the spread is less than a touchdown.  Andrew Luck will not lose to the Jaguars and I’m betting the Colts come out and make short work of their AFC South foes.  Prediction:  Colts 30 Jaguars 13

Saints -9.5 over Vikings

Speaking of desperate teams, how about the Saints?  They are 0-2 after losing on the road in Atlanta and Cleveland.  I’m sure that Cleveland game knocked a few of you out of your survivor pool, eh?  The Saints are at home, where they are tougher to beat than anyone not named the Seattle Seahawks.  They won’t lose this game and I’m betting Sean Payton wants a full 60 minutes of crisp football from his team.  Like the Colts, they NEED this win. The Vikings?  They’re without their star running back and have had that distraction for 2 weeks now.  They were stomped at home by the Patriots and I’m guessing the Saints break out with their first win in a big way.  Prediction: Saints 38 Vikings 17

Chargers +2.5 over Bills

So the Chargers beat the Seahawks and end up 2.5 point underdogs to the Bills?  I’m sorry, but just because the Bills beat the Dolphins, doesn’t mean I have to ‘buy’ them being legit.  They aren’t.  Yes the Chargers could have a let down game and they are traveling across the country to play this one.  BUT, I think Phillip Rivers past that. He’s matured and is ready to lead the more talented Chargers to a victory….which also helps the Dolphins.  Prediction:  Chargers 24 Bills 20

Bears +1.5 over Jets

Speaking of the helping the Dolphins, I think the wrong team is favored in the Monday Night matchup.  The Bears stormed back and the beat the 49ers last week and will ride that momentum into New York.  The Jets blew a big lead in Green Bay against the Packers.  I expect a close game, but I’ll take the Bears offense over the Jets offense any day of the week.  Prediction:  Bears 26 Jets 24

Dolphins -4.5 over Chiefs

The Dolphins looked pretty good against the Patriots, but admittedly left some plays on the field.  Then they went to Buffalo and lost by 19 point…which is apparently the cool thing to do now.  I think they were a little to high on themselves after the Patriots win, but that loss to the Bills woke them up. I think we’ll see a crisp game from Tannehill, cleaned up special teams play, and the defense force some turnovers.  I know the Dolphins are banged up and missing 2 starting linebackers.  The Chiefs are even more banged up.  I know Jamaal Charles is listed as questionable and may play.  I just think the Dolphins are the better team and will have something to prove to the rest of the NFL…..and themselves.  Prediction: Dolphins 27 Chiefs 17