When will they stop being the ‘Same old Dolphins’?


By Bill (@PhinNation on Twitter)

As good as the Miami Dolphins looked in week 1 against the Patriots, they looked every bit as bad in week 2 against the Buffalo Bills.  The offense stunk….the defense wasn’t great……and the special teams were….well…..’special’.  Add it all up and you had the EXACT performance we fans expected from the Dolphins following their surprising win against the Patriots.  I am no Nostradamous, but I said on Twitter that ‘if the Dolphins beat the Patriots, I expect them to lose next week against the Bills’.

Photo Courtesy of Dolphins.com

Photo Courtesy of Dolphins.com

Why would a life-long fan, who wants nothing but the best for his team feel this way?  Because I’ve seen it before.  You’ve seen it before. The Miami Dolphins are the Hangover movie.  WE ALL KNOW HOW THE MOVIE ENDS.  Sadly and predictably, this is what it’s felt like to be a Dolphins fan for the last 5 years:


This is why we can’t have nice things, like wins against the Patriots.  Remember last year, the Dolphins beat the Patriots and needed to win only 1 of their last 2 (against the Bills or Jets) to make the playoffs?  The week right after beating the Patriots, the Dolphins lost 19-0 to the Bills.  Wait, they lost by 19 to the Bills this year too?  IT’S LIKE FREAKING GROUNDHOG DAY!!!  (continued on page 2, click here)


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