Jeff Ireland’s resume cannot be defended


By Miami Jules (@Miami_Jules on Twitter)

It was on a late Sunday afternoon back in November, when I said to someone. wake me up when the season’s over. What I meant by that was, that any effort I would make in trying to analyze upcoming games would be pointless, because in spite of any single game plan’s effectiveness, our offensive coordinator would just switch arbitrarily at some point (usually halftime) to something jaw-droppingly insane. I decided at that point to put my pen down and enjoy whatever was left of the regular football season while taking a literary nap. I have now, because the season has ended, been awoken from this nap… and I woke up in a bad mood.

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I will be looking forward to any and all news coming out of Davie starting now, I will go back on Twitter and will eagerly await the dismissal of he who carries a bigger self-centered attitude than clear vision of putting a winning franchise together, and that person of whom I speak  of is Mr. Jeff Ireland. What is left as the remnants of  hopes and dreams of a once illusioned filled fan base, are the ashes of all the passion that once ardently burned in the hearts and souls of all Dolfans worldwide. A quickly eroding local fan base, and I refer to local, because we are the ones in the best position to go to the stadium and cheer our team on while making the ownership feel appreciated and reciprocally compensated.

At least we have the Heat, which make locals feel good and not as the butt of national ridicule. Of course,  in the case of the football minded typical South Floridian, the Heat will only be trivial consolation for yet another bitter end to a once promising Dolphins season. The danger is that what sometimes starts out as a simple patronizing consolation, may evolve by virtue of memories created, into new-found passion giving way to a new “the team of choice”.

“Why Jeff Ireland?”, you may be asking  yourself. “Jeff Ireland did not play, or coach our team”… “Wasn’t Jeff Ireland the one who brought us Cameron Wake? ” “Why are these  Ireland haters obsessed with this charming and business like the young Bill Parcell disciple?” These are all valid questions and criticism.  And I, as a fan who isn’t a fan of the bespectacled young executive, don’t seem to hear or read enough from Dolfans around the country who hold the young former scouting stud turned GM in high regard and fail to see what many of us, the more astute and football savvy, do see.  (continued on page 2, CLICK HERE)

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