Latest Dolphins rumors with free agency just days away….

The Miami Dolphins are well positioned when it comes to cap space this offseason.  And yet, we see reports, like this one, that indicate the Dolphins are looking to trade Dion Jordan, Cameron Wake, and Mike Wallace.   However, Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald has a very reliable source in the Dolphins that disputes all of those rumors.

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Personally, I really dislike the idea of trading any of those players, so I hope that Armando’s source is right?  Why am I against trading Wake, Jordan, or Wallace?  Let’s start with Cameron Wake, he’s only the Dolphins best player…on offense or defense.  He’s the type of game-changer that the Dolphins are looking to add more of.

The thought of trading Dion Jordan is idiotic. The Dolphins spent a 1st and 2nd round pick on him last season.  Why would you trade him?  Oh, because the coaching staff (that’s still in place, by the way) did not play him enough?  Or because the Dolphins didn’t foresee the emergence of Olivier Vernon?   Jordan has the ability to be special and he showed flashes of that in 2013. Are there things he needs to work on (i.e. defending the run)?  Sure.  But remember that he was a rookie that missed time recovering from his torn labrum.

Then there’s Mike Wallace.  First, the cap ramifications of trading him are not favorable.  More importantly, Wallace showed a unique ability to get open…..remember all of those long bombs that showed him getting WIDE open, only to have the pass over thrown or under thrown?  That’s not his fault.  Did he have some drops?  Absolutely.  But there are only so many Mike Wallace’s walking the face of the earth.  There are only so many guys that can strike fear in the heart of a defense and can take the top off of a defense.  Wallace can.  He and Tannehill should be working on the deep ball all offseason, so we should see improvement.  (continued on page 2, CLICK HERE)

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